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5 Basics to Better Blogging

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Better Blogging BasicsBlogging

The following is a list of essentials that every blog or website should have or update. I am sure there are more but this is my list of the top 5.

Descriptive Tagline: The tagline is the one-liner for your site. It summarizes your purpose in one phrase. Taglines should be catchy and memorable. When someone happens on to your website, you only have seconds to keep their interest before they click away to somewhere else. Your tagline will quickly tell them what your site is about. If the viewer has to search for the purpose they are gone. Make your tagline brief, memorable, and meaningful.  Examples of taglines: A rancher’s perspective on agriculture, food, politics and more++ Securing Our Future In Food Production++ Plowing through life in the country… one calf nut at a time++ Connecting Farm To Fork

About Page: If you don’t have an About page, put one up today. About pages are the most viewed pages on your site after the home page. Readers want to know who is behind the website. They need to get to know you. So if you want to make a connection with your viewers add an About page. Tell readers: Who you are, Why you created this site, What you do, When did you start, Where you are going, How can they join you. A couple of paragraphs will do. No one wants to read a novel online. If you already have an About page, update it. Is it still on message with the current purpose of your site? Blogs evolve. Don’t let your second most important page on your site go stale.  Oh, always include a picture of you. Not your dog or your kids. People want to know you.

Contact Page: Make it easy for visitors to contact you. I have been to many blogs and websites that the only way to get a message to the owner is to leave a comment. And then I still have not heard back from some of them. Sometimes readers want to contact you about a subject that has nothing to do with a post. Or they have a question that they don’t really want other blog guests to see. Provide a Contact page to be hospitable to these inquiries. When you do put up a contact page don’t make the visitor jump through a bunch of hoops (ie- fill in the boxes). Keep it simple and easy.

Social Links: You blog to get your message out or why else have a blog. Besides your updates to twitter, facebook, google+; let your audience help out. If they read something on your blog they really enjoy or agree with, they’ll want to share it with their friends to show how smart they are for finding this cool post. Make it easy for them to pass it on with social media links. There is no easier way to spread your site around.

Comments: I know every blog has a comments after every post, unless for some insane reason the owner turned them off. But how easy are you making it for visitors to leave those coveted comments. I understand no one wants to be annoyed by spam but there are ways to block most of that.  If you want more comments, require as few steps as possible.

Those are the top 5 essentials of every blog. (Other than content, which will be covered in another post.) Of course this is my opinion. What other elements to blogging do you think are must haves? What blog design items should be covered next?

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