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5 Blogging No-No’s

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At the risk of upsetting some fellow bloggers, here is a list of 5 things that you should avoid on your blog.Blurred Stop sign

1. Music: do not have a music player automatically play music when your site loads. Even though we all know that country music is the only music to listen to, some odd people don’t care for the same taste in music.

2. White Text: Avoid a light text on a dark background. It is much more difficult to read than a dark text.

3. Cutesy Fonts: I know you want to be different than other bloggers but the fancy fonts are also usually harder to read. You don’t want to make the simple task of reading your posts hard on visitors. It’s much better to make your content stand out.

4. Cluttered Sidebar: I have said it before. Just because you can add it to your blog, doesn’t mean you should. Every item in your sidebar should have a specific purpose. Every time you add something to your sidebar, it detracts from the other info there. So make it count.

5. Don’t Stop: Publish a post at least once a week; preferably more. Your readers love consistency and will soon forget you if you aren’t updating your blog. We’re all busy. It doesn’t take that much time to type up a quick post.

Blog on.


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