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5 Tips For Flattering Farm Photos

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5 Tips For Flattering Farm PhotosBetter Farm Photos

Gotta love a good alliteration.

My goal with this post is to help you take better photos to post to your farm blog, facebook, or twitter. I do enjoy photography. Practically all my posts contain my own photos getting many compliments. So I’ll let you in on some of the things I have learned. And I promise they are easy and do make a difference.

1. Change your white balance: This will be the most technical tip. So let’s get it out of the way. This tip can also make the biggest improvements in your shots. Find the white balance settings on your camera. This setting adjusts the exposure for the type of light available. You’ve seen those pictures with the harsh yellow casts. That is what we are fixing here. All you have to remember is: Outside use the cloud setting (even with no clouds). In your shop use the fluorescent setting. In your house use the incandescent setting. Simply set it to the light you are in. Please take the time to do this. You won’t regret it.
2. Use Angles: Don’t shoot your tractor, barn or anything straight on. Go to its corner to get two sides of the subject instead of one. This gives much more depth and interest.
3. Use the Flash in the sun: It may sound weird but it works. This is called “fill flash”. The bulb flash fills in the shadows caused by the sun giving much more detail. Remember the flash on your camera is only good up to about 10 feet. Beyond that, you’re just wastin’ batteries.
4. Fill the frame: get closer, closer still. Do you really need to see peoples shoes in the picture. Then once you are closer, offset the subject to the left or the right by 1/3. Creates more interest.
5. Background Noise: Before you click the shutter, notice what is around your subject that will be in the shot. Avoid telephone poles, wires, buildings, cows in heat. You want it to be uncluttered or I guarantee it will be distracting.

Bonus Tip: Put the sun behind or to the side of the camera. Do not shoot with the sun behind the subject unless you are going for the silhouette effect.

There you have five quick and easy ways to take better photos you’ll be proud to display on your blog. In the comments, link to your picture and tell which tip helped you the most.

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