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Farmer’s Voice:

My intention with this site is to use my experiences and discoveries to help other farmers, ranchers and ag professionals find their voice and tell their story to any audience they are trying to reach.

Our farms are more than just a story to tell. Your farm is a legacy that will be passed on to future generations. Use your website to show and teach them of their amazing heritage that they are a part of.

Judi Graff

Our Farm:

My husband and I farm in the middle of the mid-west. We raise corn, soybeans, wheat, cattle, hay and kids. Graff Land & Livestock is our farm’s website.


My blogging life began in 2007 with the Kids Cattle blog to show to the general population what happened on a cattle farm. I enjoyed answering people’s questions about baling hay, treating sick cows, and farming in general. In 2009, I started my Big Green Combine site to blog about harvesting with a John Deere combine after driving only red ones. This year my husband started a podcast and blog at Farm And Ranch Country which I produce for him. Somewhere in that time I also put together a website for our farm and a few other organizations. Working with video, audio, images, and software; I have seen my share of what works, what’s easy, and what to avoid.