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About Page Overhaul

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When was the last time you updated your About Page? Well if you’re like me it hasn’t changed since you started your blog. Tisk tisk, bad bloggers.

It’s Time to Revamp That About Page

After your home page, the about page will have the highest traffic on your site. People want to know the person behind the blog. And the

update your about page

y want to know why they should take the time to read it. So let’s keep it fresh and up to date.

Commonly, bloggers start this page way back when they lost their first tooth. Don’t do it. The beginning paragraph should

tell visitors what to expect from your site. In other words, what’s in it for them. Why should they click to view more pages or even return? No need to make

it long. Keep it to the point.

Next, you can give a bio of yourself. Even better if you include a compelling story.

Items to Include

  • Picture of you: This is a must. Don’t substitute a shot of your dog. Readers like to put a face with the blog. (Hey, that rhymes.) It makes it much more personable. Add a couple pictures if you like. Make sure people know it’s you.
  • Video: This is an even better way to make your site personable. A video introduction can really make your blog stand out and more memorable.
  • Favorite Posts: Include links to 2 or 3 posts that mean the most to you. Tell why they are your favorite.
  • Contact: Add your contact information or link to the contact page. Be accessible to your readers.
  • Map: If you have a business locale, it’s easy to add a map for customers to find you.

End With Action

Finally, finish the page by directing the reader to action. This can be a link to another page or telling them where they can sign up for blog updates. Don’t leave ’em hangin’! Tell them what they should do next. You’ll be surprised how many will actually do it.

Tell me how are you going to revamp your About Page?

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