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How to Add an Image to a Post

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blog questionsI have been getting some really good questions lately through the contact page from readers. The questions concern different topics about their individual blogs. The one I wanted to share this time was from a person having trouble with adding a picture and text in a post. Since it is very hard sometimes to understand what specifically the trouble is through email, I made a quick screencast tutorial about adding a picture and text to posts in general. I thought if she could see the steps in the process, the blogger could further tell me where she is having problems. After viewing the video, she understood all she had to do was resize the image to be able to add the text she wanted.  Problem solved.

By answering this question for this reader, I am able to possibly help other bloggers with the same tutorial who could have similar questions. If you have any blogging questions please feel free to ask. I’ll do my best to help out. Plus by doing so, you will likely be helping others at the same time.

The following screencast is

How to add a picture and text to a blog post

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