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speaking to ag groupsBack in July I spoke to Collegiate FFA’s New Century Farmer. This conference was for college age young farmers going into production ag. I had a great time. My topic was titled “Cultivating Connections Online”. It was about the why and how of making personal connections using social media platforms.

About that same time, I was contacted to speak to an ag group in Canada in February. Yes, I said F-February. The scheduler wanted me to help the members tell their farm stories. So the topic is uniquely titled “Tell Your Farm Story”. I just sent in the outline of the presentation and wanted to share it with you.

I might change a little of the resources at the end. But the rest should stay pretty much intact. Tell me what you think.

If you need a speaker at your farm group meeting, simply use the contact page. Let me know what you have going on.

Tell Your Farm Story

Website Statistics:

    Companies that blog see 55% more visitors

    Business to Consumer companies that blog generate 88% more leads/month

What you need to ask yourself starting out

Why: To have a successful blog, you must know your purpose. Your purpose should be obvious to visitors. This will give direction to everything you do in telling your story.

    Stated in your tagline, bio widget, and about page

Who: Whom are you telling your story to?

    family, friends, locals, media, future generations

What: What platforms will you use to make your content to tell your story? You really should own that space. Then you have control.

How: Once you are telling your story, how will you connect with your audience to spread that story?

    email, facebook, twitter, pinterest, podcast

Action Steps

Website Design

  •     Keep it Simple, Obvious, Repeat

5 Items all sites must have

  •     tagline, about areas, contact page, notifications, fast load time

Learn two social media platforms and what works on each; most sharable

  •     hashtags, images, links, video
  •     broadcast your message

Band Together

  •     facebook groups, master minds, guest blog, comment on posts, share links
  •     You don’t have to do this alone.

Blog Post Ideas

  •     10 most asked questions, current issues, Day In The Life, Questions
  •     that should be asked, video, Best/Worst of

Suggested Resources:

  •     Book: So What? by Mark Magnacca
  •     Websites:
  •     Podcast: Mad Marketing

A Bit of Heart and Humor
Blogging Can Change Everything
Blog And Website Shall Become One



  • Clicking over from Christmas in the Country, Judi! 

    I like your nicely bulleted list here.

    Locking myself in the library with your site and a couple of lists and the 2014 blog planner is on my new year’s resolution list.  Until then, Merry Christmas! 

    Emily Grace

  • Emily GraceThanks Emily. January is a good time of year to ignite some fire into your blog.