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The All Mighty BackLink

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Why are backlinks important?

They demonstrate to search engines that your site is considered valuable to other people in your market or industry. Thus placing your site higher in the search engines rankings. The ultimate goal being on the first page of Google and then the pinnacle of being ranked in the top three for that search term or topic.

How to obtain backlinks?

This is also called link building. There is a whole industry just to buy/sell/ provide links. They are what google is trying to end with their algorithm updates. So how to get quality links.

  1. Guest blogging
  2. Article Marketing
  3. Blog commentingall mighty backlink
  4. Social Networking
  5. Forum Commenting

If you would like more info on each of these, just do a search there are tons of articles written about them.

The best backlinks are from bloggers and sites that naturally link back to you because they appreciate what you have to say. How to do that?

What is more important?

All this backlinking jive doesn’t mean a hill-o-beans if you don’t have the great content to back it up. Are you writing posts that people want to read and then share with others? Are you connecting with readers? Are you sharing good content from other bloggers?  It’s not hard but all this is time consuming. So I would rather focus on helping create fabulous blogs and websites. Then create backlinks as time allows. What about you?

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