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If you are blogging then you want to be noticed. You want people who visit to say “That was interesting. I wonder when the next post is coming.” And they bookmark your site or subscribe to your feed. How do you get visitors to want more?

Stand Out From the


As I have found out there are more farm & ranch blogs than I originally thought. This is wonderful. And I hope more blogs continue to be created. You will have to decide how you and your blog will be unique from the rest. Some bloggers are great writers like Montana For Real or Owd Fred, who can tell a story that makes visitors want to keep reading. Or they have excellent information like Pearl Snaps Ponderings and Precision Nerd. These sites aren’t like other farm blogs. They cover a certain topic or specialty area. And that’s what they’ve come to be known for.

Be Consistent

Readers like to know what to expect when they return to your blog. I don’t mean they are looking for posts that are the same every time. What I am saying is your blog should be topically consistent. For example, The Udder Side blog is always about a secret agent cow giving reports. (Love this one) Fertile Ground posts concern ag legal issues. Neither blog throws in an off post about sheep herding. They keep it relative to their chosen topic. Now they can absolutely write about a left field subject like sheep herding. But it would always come back to the main idea.

Be Opinionated

Not to the access of being a jerk but tell people what you think. Don’t be wishy-washy. Ach! My husband’s blog, Farm And Ranch Country, is just that: all his opinion. A blog does not or better yet should not be fair and balanced. It’s your blog. It needs to reflect your thoughts and beliefs. It’s highly probable you will see a few more comments like Iowa Farm Wife did with 262 comments on her point of view.

Speak From the Heart

Nothing pulls people in like strong emotion. One post that sticks out in my mind is the one titled Loss of a Friend. Your readers want to share in your high and low points. It shows them you are real and not just putting on a front. Any time you speak from the heart, you can’t go wrong.

Or Not

If you have a general blog where you write about happenings about your life or farm and you want to keep it that way, I say “Good for you.” I have one of those sites also. I likely won’t be changing Big Green Combine anytime soon. But I also realize that my readership for that blog is fairly limited. There’s not much of a chance of it becoming the next Pioneer Woman. And I’m okay with that. I really am. (That sounded convincing didn’t it?)

Simply put, it’s hard to get noticed with the millions of blogs out there. I am not saying these are the steps to an award-winning blog. But if you are looking for a different direction or something to try, this list would be a good start. You never know. You might be a contender.

What is your blog known for? Leave a link as an example.


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  • And what’s so left field about sheep herding?!?!;^)

    Check out “The Farmer Feeds Us All” at

    I promise there won’t be more than a handful of sheep herding posts.

    • Thankfully there aren’t that many sheep herdsmen to offend. But they will find me.

      We will be herding 2 goats next year. 4H projects.

  • Great post, thank you FarmnWife! I’ve checked out all the blogs you’ve listed and The Udder Side was especially inspirational. Dairy blogging is new in Australia but I’m trying to build a connection between farm and town with

  • I am always in search of a good blog to read. I have recently started my own and love getting fun, new ideas from people who actually know what they are doing. So, I was very excited to add the ones you linked into my Google Reader account. I find it fascinating that there are so many people blogging about agriculture. And what makes it even cooler is the amount of people interested in following those blogging about life on the farm. Education is the key to the promotion of agriculture and what better way than the use of blogs. Thanks for all the great advice!