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Because Of My Blog Part 3

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The final installment of “Because of my blog”. After reading these I would like you to think what you could do, who you could reach with your own blog.

kissed a farmerBecause of my blog, I believe I have shown my followers that we raise cotton in a much different manner than many may have thought.  I have gotten replies and comments from followers thanking me for sharing our methods and practices.  I have also connected with other cotton growers all over the world, which would have never been possible without my blog. Kissed A Farmer
featured farmerBecause of my blog – I have been able to engage those not involved in animal agriculture in positive discussion about the why and how of agriculture practices. From slaughter to antibiotics to animal handling, both my readers and I have learned a lot about the differing opinions surrounding these important topics. Buzzard’s Beat


Because of my blog…. I have been challenged to write about some veryMinnesota Farmer
difficult subjects.  A request from a reader on GMO’s produced a whole
set of blogs.  It required a bit of research since it was not all
opinion, although my opinion was all that they asked for.  I needed to
assure myself that what I believed had some basis in fact.Minnesota Farm


Owd FredBecause of my blog which started in August 2008, I have been writing things down as they came to mind, about my life and my family and village, and the folk who helped to rear me (other than my parents,) and mold my life within a small village community

On looking back cannot believe the number of blogs [posts] I have written, and found that the older folk over here in UK are the ones most likely to be interested in what I’ve writ, but unfortunately most of the older generation don’t have a computer. (Two of my brothers included)
So I started to print off odd blogs and send them a copy to read by “snail mail” ( that’s the UK postal service). Then stared to put them into book form, and eventually found I had filled enough to fill over two hundred pages four times, (four volumes).
The debate then came to finding a title for the book/s and with the picture of our stack yard in the back ground and the hay barn almost full of hay on the cover, the first suggestion was “Fifty Bales Of Hay” which I thought was absolutely brilliant .
 It must have been a tongue in cheek suggestion, (by one of my learned tutors) so I proceeded to print off a couple of front covers to show the younger generation in my family
Me/I having lived a very sheltered life had never heard of a book called “Fifty Shades Of Grey”  this was very quickly pointed out by my family, that I had been thrown a “red herring”  and took the bait hook line and sinker`.
Apparently the “Shades Of Grey” book is of a lurid and sexual nature, and the “Fifty Bales of Hay” spoof I had been fed, and was told it would sell like hot cakes on the internet.
I was reprimanded about my alleged ignorance (by our two daughters) and the two printed cover were hastily shredded, so the preferred title now is settle down to “The Longest Furrow” Yews Farm
Thank you to all who have sent in their entry showing the places their blogs have taken them.


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  • AgMedia101

    I really enjoy seeing how people’s blogs inspire others and encourage learning on the part of the bloggers. It’s great to see people’s experiences and worlds grow!
    I love this series of posts on your site.
    – Jeff

    • @AgMedia101 I wanted to show bloggers & wanna be bloggers that keeping up a blog is worth the effort. Also I knew these past featured farmers would be inspiring.

  • SuzieBrasherWilde

    This has been a really fun and interesting series.  I have shared it with other bloggers I know who are just starting up.

    • @SuzieBrasherWilde Thanks Suzie. It’s now my favorite series. Love reading everyone’s stories.

  • I am currently in a public relations class and we are required to write a blog. I am just getting started but after reading these stories I am excited to see what I could develop my blog into. I never considered myself to be a blogger before but this has definitely opened my eyes to see the various opportunities that managing a blog can open.

    • That is wonderful. These posts are doing their job then.