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Because Of My Blog part 2

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What can your farm blog do?

Elizabeth Martin

I have met some amazing people.   I have learned that there is a whole community of ag bloggers that share my passion and beliefs.  These people are an inspiration to me and I can only hope my little corner of the web encourages others to share their thoughts as well.  Circle The Wagons

KariBecause of my blog…I have learned that people from Scotland to New Jersey to Portland, Oregon are fascinated and awed by our rural lifestyle, and love to hear more about what we really do. Montana For Real

Julie from Fresh AirBecause of my blog I’ve been able to connect to interested groups about American agriculture that would otherwise not know about the wonderful industry we serve. Julie’s Fresh Air



Ed WinkleBecause of my blog I stay mentally focused and challenged.  I love to learn and to be able afford to farm I had to learn how to teach.  It took me 5 years to somewhat master teaching but I taught vocational agriculture and served as “the county agent” for 31 years.  When I retired, I was lost like a divorce for 2 years.  I needed an intellectual outlet.  When my wife challenged me to write a blog and share my thoughts and experiences 4 years ago, I accepted the challenge.  HyMark High Spots is the result and I have enjoyed most of it for these 4 years!  Good blogging is like writing a book or doing an assignment for me, I give it all I got.  Some days I come up short but I always win as a result and my readers keep me going.  Right now I can’t imagine not blogging but someday I suppose I will have to hang it up.  Blogging is a way to share God’s great gifts to me.  He speaks through other people and if I am quiet and ponder a thought or message, I get insight I can share.  I have a long list of Mentors who provide this to me.  Blogging is a natural outlet for it all.

Because of my blog I have gotten to be a better writer.Dave Rahe

Because of my blog I have been noticed in popular agriculture media.

Because of my blog I have gotten to know some great people from all over.

Because of my blog I have an easy way to keep customers informed about what is going on in the field.

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