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Blog And Website Shall Become One

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blog and websiteA blog that is separate from a business site is like a long distance relationship. Everyone is frustrated. Joining the two can be a magical, beautiful thing. Even Hub Spot’s research shows that businesses that blog see an 88% increase in leads over those who don’t.

If your ag business or organization has different URL’s for your site and blog, you should seriously consider putting them under one roof. Here is two compelling reasons why:

1. It’s confusing

for you and your customers.

Which one do you put the time in to update? Which one do you promote in your social media bios? Do you send customers to the blog to read a post first. Then send them to the site for your phone number. Are you expecting customers/members to remember two website addresses? If they see one site’s URL in print will they say, “Hey, I thought their site was something else.”

The objective is to keep customers/members focused on doing business with you. Why would you send them to yet another site to read your articles and updates?

Also do you really have the time or inclination to maintain two different sites?

2. A blog will bring your website to life.

Much like how a wife brings class, sophistication, and virtue to a marriage; adding a blog to your business website will benefit in many ways.

With each post published a new page is added to your site. This fresh and updated content signals to search engines that there is new information that people may be looking for.  Isn’t it more important that they come to a site where they can quickly find everything your business or organization has to offer in one place?

Just as essential, potential customers will see there is a human connected to the site. A static business website can be a lifeless, online brochure. A personal touch is given to a site with every blog post that answers visitors questions, every picture that shows there are people who want to help, every video that displays how work gets done.


Does anyone else feel like cake and champagne?

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  • Hi. This was very interesting. I seem to have done things the other way round.
    When I set up my WP account, someone did it for me and recommended adding /blog at the end. So I have started up a blog, not very exciting at the moment as I am working on it – a work in progress so to speak – but what do I do now? I mean, should I also set up the dot com part, the main website on WP too or use something like Kompozer?
    And I am still confused at the difference between the two. What should go on what?
    Sorry for these questions but I am new at this.
    Best wishes,

    • Aunty AnnDon’t be sorry for the questions. We have all been there. And it is confusing.
      What I was referring to in this article was the business and organizations that have a totally separate blog from their website. Different URL address and everything.
      What you are doing is fine. Currently what you have is a traditional blog. Your posts show up on the home page. If you wanted more of a website “look” you would add a static home page with your blog being a separate tab by “about” & “contact me”. 
      Here is a helpful link for wordpress beginners –
      Do come back and ask if you have any other questions.

      • Thanks for your prompt reply and the link. I have gone to it but it is about Word Press dot com and I am using Word Press dot org – the  hosted one. Is there any big difference?
        Thanks again.

        • Aunty Ann Yes it applies to .org. It doesn’t cover plugins.