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Blogger’s Storage Limit

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Reaching Your Storage Limit

Val asked me about what she should do about reaching her image storage limit in blogger.

running out of blog spaceFor those of you already out of space, I suggest you create an account in Photobucket. This is where you’ll store your photos and link to them from your blog site.

After your pictures are uploaded to photobucket, hover over the selected photo and click on “direct link”. This automatically copies it. If you are using the updated photobucket, click on the gear in the upper right on the photo. Then select direct link.

In blogger select insert image–from URL–paste code into field–add selected. Click on image to make adjustments.

successful photobucket use tweet

If you don’t want to use a 3rd party site for your images, extra space can be purchased if you choose.

Next I will show you how not to run out of space on your blogger blog.

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  • farmnwife

    @citychiconafarm my next post is going to amaze blogger bloggers

  • farmnwife

    @citychiconafarm ok

  • farmnwife

    @citychiconafarm isn’t it crazy to get all excited over a blog discovery?

  • Photobucket is good but if i’m not wrong they have a bandwidth quota for viewed photo?

    • @Robin Wu I’ll look into it and get back with you.

    • Just looked into it. Photobucket has a 10 mb bandwidth limit per month. This is basically how much usage you have. 10mb is quite a lot. So I wouldn;t worry about it. You can check your usage by going to your home page — account settings — account status.
      Thanks for the question.