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Lauren contacted me about being a Featured Farmer Wannabe. So I said lets do it.Lauren

Her farm blog is Paint The Town Ag. Take a look.


1. Tell a little about you and your operation.
Our family farm is located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, specifically in Lacey Spring, Virginia. We raise 5 houses of chickens (broilers) for Georges, Inc. We also have a 475 head commercial cow/calf operation to raise Angus and Angus-cross cattle; we just completed a state-of-the-art feed yard that will house approximately 200 cattle at a time. Our home farm is 300 acres, and we rent an additional 2,000 acres for pasture and crops.

My husband, Brian, works the farm full time in a partnership with his father and brother. I am a preschool teacher in the public school system, and I am passionate about bringing agriculture to our class and our school. Every Friday is “Farm Friday” in our class, in which we explore agriculture topics that relate to our theme. We also host community members that come to talk about agriculture. This influence in the curriculum leads up to an outdoor April event at our school when the farm comes to school, called “Farming in the City.” I designed this event to showcase elements of agriculture for the school, including packets for each class that have accurate-ag books, grade-specific agriculture lessons, and other fun agriculture items!

2. What made you want to start your blog?

I want to have a positive impact on my community while spreading the word about agriculture. It started as an idea to promote and share agriculture lessons for teachers, but I realized that it could potentially be much more than that. I love to write, and so the AGvocating posts and Sunday Salt posts fill that creative niche for me.

3. What has been the biggest surprise since you started? or something you didn’t expect:

I can’t believe how fast the blog has taken off; the amount of visitors, facebook shares, and comments. I realize that there is a home for me in the AGvocating world, and I’m glad to share our story.

4. What is your favorite post and why?
I have two favorite posts, for different reasons. The Sunday Salt [a new life] showcases an event on the farm that not many people know about. It’s a way to share the farm in relation to the greater story of Hope.
The second favorite is farm + fashionista , which is a comical take on my daily life and the misconceptions that people can have about farmers.

5. What obstacles have you met and how did you overcome them?


The greatest obstacle for me is how to fit everything in. I teach full time, “mom” full time, farm when I can and then blog when I can. It makes life interesting, to say the least, but I find satisfaction in knowing that I can do my part in helping others understand agriculture, therefore (hopefully) helping out my children and other future generations.

Follow Lauren here:

Twitter: @PaintTheTownAG

Instagram: l_arbogast

The Facebook: Lauren Hartzler Arbogast

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  • myaglife

    If you didn’t say that your biggest obstacle was trying to fit everything in then I would have thought you either a lier or superhuman! Haha. It baffles me how you have time to fit teaching, farming, parenting, blogging and who knows what else you do! I enjoy reading your stories and those like you. Good feature, Judi.

  • Thanks for this post, Judi.  I’m going to go visit Lauren.