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Get Your Farm Name For Your Website

Was your farm name already taken?farm name domain

Situation: You are ready to make a website/blog for your farm. You go to godaddy or some other domain registrar to pick up your URL address. But crap. It’s not available. Someone beat you to it.

I’ve got good news for you. There’s a great alternative that just became available this year: New extensions ( extensions are .com, .org or .net)

In the list of new extensions is .farm.    Yay!

You can also get .land or .equipment or .sexy if you like. Continue Reading

Farm Business Website – Potential Ag

Matt BoucherMatt Boucher was a featured farmer for his blog awhile back. I have asked him back to talk about his ag business website. Potential Ag

1. Why did you think you needed a website for your farm business?

That’s a great question.  My main reason to have a web site for my seed business is to increase communication and to covey accurate information quickly and efficiently to my customer base and beyond.  The seed business, especially during the growing season, is constantly changing and adapting to current conditions.  This site helps me keep my customers up to date and informed. Continue Reading

Ag Group Speaker

speaking to ag groupsBack in July I spoke to Collegiate FFA’s New Century Farmer. This conference was for college age young farmers going into production ag. I had a great time. My topic was titled “Cultivating Connections Online”. It was about the why and how of making personal connections using social media platforms.

About that same time, I was contacted to speak to an ag group in Canada in February. Yes, I said F-February. The scheduler wanted me to help the members tell their farm stories. So the topic is uniquely titled “Tell Your Farm Story”. I just sent in the outline of the presentation and wanted to share it with you.

I might change a little of the resources at the end. But the rest should stay pretty much intact. Tell me what you think.

If you need a speaker at your farm group meeting, simply use the contact page. Let me know what you have going on.

Tell Your Farm Story

Website Statistics:

    Companies that blog see 55% more visitors

    Business to Consumer companies that blog generate 88% more leads/month

What you need to ask yourself starting out

Why: To have a successful blog, you must know your purpose. Your purpose should be obvious to visitors. This will give direction to everything you do in telling your story.

    Stated in your tagline, bio widget, and about page

Who: Whom are you telling your story to?

    family, friends, locals, media, future generations

What: What platforms will you use to make your content to tell your story? You really should own that space. Then you have control.

How: Once you are telling your story, how will you connect with your audience to spread that story?

    email, facebook, twitter, pinterest, podcast

Action Steps

Website Design

  •     Keep it Simple, Obvious, Repeat

5 Items all sites must have

  •     tagline, about areas, contact page, notifications, fast load time

Learn two social media platforms and what works on each; most sharable

  •     hashtags, images, links, video
  •     broadcast your message

Band Together

  •     facebook groups, master minds, guest blog, comment on posts, share links
  •     You don’t have to do this alone.

Blog Post Ideas

  •     10 most asked questions, current issues, Day In The Life, Questions
  •     that should be asked, video, Best/Worst of

Suggested Resources:

  •     Book: So What? by Mark Magnacca
  •     Websites:
  •     Podcast: Mad Marketing

Help Your Ag Business Reach Target Audience

Tim at Ezy Milk sent me this message:

Hi Judi….. Love your enthusiasm and skills….. We just attended here in NZ.  After a year or so on the market, we KNOW we have a very successful product.   But, we are limited in our internet skills to reach a larger, targeted audience, i.e. Dairy Farmers…… Any thoughts?

Here was my reply:ezy milk

For finding your target audience, I would like to see you focus on YouTube and Facebook. I’m going to list some action steps you can do now with a little time and not much technical know-how.

LOVE your videos. They are stupendous. I may exaggerate here but they are really good. A few steps to make a bigger impact with them.

1. Watch your lighting: my post 5 Steps to Better Video can help (read #3)

2. Basic Information describing video in youtube: Here you will have to discover your keywords you want to own. It’s very unlikely your customers are searching for EZY Cups. Very few of your video titles have “dairy” or “cow” in them. Think of what your customers are actually typing into search engines. This is what you want in your titles, descriptions, and tags. Then end the title with “with EZYCups”. You know the lingo that dairy people use. Take advantage of it in your titles. example follows

basic info youtube setup
3. Tags: besides using your main keywords again, have one keyword tag that will be added to every video every time. This will move up your other videos on the list in the suggested column that appears on the right of all videos. Giving your other videos more prominence and click throughs.

4. Start every description with your website’s full URL. This helps with SEO and is a clickable link for viewers to follow.
(Yes, you should go back and make adjustments your past videos for steps 2-4)

With over 8000 likes, you have a great start. You get points for having a viewable URL in the about under your profile and posting your videos. Next steps.

1. Profile picture would like to see your logo or the words EZYMilk. So your posts are quickly identified as your business. Most won’t know what those objects are that you are using now.

2. Along with your business promotions posts, include posts about events in the dairy industry, reshare customers pictures of their farms, find dairy cartoons or jokes to share. Just become more active on Facebook. There are lots of dairy people on social media. You can definitely capitalize on it.

3. For your cover photo, I think you would make a bigger statement if you would show a picture of your products in use. I really can’t tell how your business can help my dairy with what you currently have as the cover.

I’ll quickly mention twitter. Looking at your past tweets, you are not using hashtags. This means only your followers might see your tweets. Add #agchatoz #nzdairy or #ausdairy to them. Then everyone following those hashtags will see your tweets also.

These are the steps I suggest for now. There is so much more that can be added in each section but that can wait. You may not need to do a whole lot more to reach the audience you are targeting.

Tell me: Would you give any other suggestions to Tim?

Infographic On Directing Traffic To Your Site

A Roadmap to Your Website's TrafficA Roadmap to Your Website’s Traffic via HostGator

How to use this infographic

The most important thing for your ag business to know is your target audience (customer). Once you know who your audience is, the next thing to do is find out about their habits. This tells you how to reach them and direct them to your site. Once they are on your site, then it’s your job to tell them how you can help them. This website infographic is a good place to start if you are just beginning to look into where to find your audience online.

Besides all this, I’m a sucker for a good infographic.

Go ahead and pin it to look at again later.