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Improving your blogging experience

Free Blog Content Planner

Blog Post Content Calendar

The good people at have come out with a free weekly blog planner for the 7th year in a row. Easily organize and plan post content.

YouTube Preview Image

They’ve switched it up a little bit with a two page layout. This makes it easier to view if you are going to print out the planner and place in a binder.

The part I like is the where I can keep track of the social shares.

One thing I would like to see added to help with blog content ideas is a list of “National Day of ___” for each month. Maybe I could design my own blogging calendar. With this one being free, there’s not much incentive. :o)

BlogEnergizer’s planner is a no-brainer for any blogger.

blog conent planner
pin for later


Tell Me: What would be in your perfect blogging planner?

Create Your Own Infographic

My blog post check list graphic was in sore need of updating.

Free Infographic Templates For Blogging

I had considered using to have someone make the infographic for me. But I haven’t had very good luck getting something usable through them.

I looked around for free infographic sites and found I had all the text ready to go. So I thought it couldn’t be too hard.

It turned out to be extremely easy and totally customizable. They have a ton of graphic images to use. But it would be even more personalized if I had my own graphics or photos. I’ll remember that for next time. Continue Reading

Get Your Farm Name For Your Website

Was your farm name already taken?farm name domain

Situation: You are ready to make a website/blog for your farm. You go to godaddy or some other domain registrar to pick up your URL address. But crap. It’s not available. Someone beat you to it.

I’ve got good news for you. There’s a great alternative that just became available this year: New extensions ( extensions are .com, .org or .net)

In the list of new extensions is .farm.    Yay!

You can also get .land or .equipment or .sexy if you like. Continue Reading