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Opportunity to Connect

Jamie Rhoades & Laurie Link were generous enough to organize a Christmas gift exchange for any ag bloopportunity to connectgger who wished to participate. I was fortunate enough to receive gifts from Julie from Between the Sunsets of Life. From Kansas she sent honey, jelly, barbque sauce, and a nice photo book.

The unfortunate ag blogger who was to get my gift was the one of the group whose present was/is lost in the mail. Luckily I kept the email that had the link to the gift card and forwarded it on.

I encourage every blogger to make connections like this when ever they appear. Building friendships is what life is all about. It can make the lonely business of blogging much more enjoyable. These new friendships usually lead to being introduced to other online friends. Of which you can never have enough.

Thanks, Jamie and Laurie for the work you put into the exchange.

Considering A Theme Update

New Themechoosing a new theme

WordPress’s latest update got me to thinkin. The updates always come with a new theme. The one being offered this time is called a magazine style theme. Most magazine styles just don’t work for bloggers and business site owners.¬† The main reason? It’s too busy. Many magazine styles cram as much text, pictures, videos, links ect. on the home page as possible. This creates a look that is crowded and messy; overwhelming the reader.

Studies have proven when too many choices are offered none are chosen. Site visitors are looking for information. You have seconds to show them what they are looking for or “poof” they’re gone. Having too much going on on your page will take precious time finding what they are looking for because of all the distractions.

You might be saying, “Hey, farmNwife. Your site is like that.” And you would be correct. That is one of the reasons I’m fixin’ to do a redesign of soon. The home page has way too many images, links, navigation bars …. It pretty much has everything and the kitchen sink above the fold.

Which Theme to Choose

I will be going with a more minimalist theme. Now, some magazine themes can be altered to be more minimalist like this one.

minimal magazine theme

I am leaning toward this “one, one, three” layout that I have been seeing. That is what I am officially calling it.

one one three

It allows for the visuals and plenty of the important information without over doing it. Here are a few examples with this layout:

one one three layout 1

one one three layout 2

I am not saying everyone should have this same layout theme. When you are ready to choose a new theme for your site, think of your readers. The theme should be eye appealing and easy to read. But most of all make it simple for them to find the information they are looking for. Please don’t clutter it up.

Tell Me: Are you thinking of a new site design?