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Get Your Farm Name For Your Website

Was your farm name already taken?farm name domain

Situation: You are ready to make a website/blog for your farm. You go to godaddy or some other domain registrar to pick up your URL address. But crap. It’s not available. Someone beat you to it.

I’ve got good news for you. There’s a great alternative that just became available this year: New extensions ( extensions are .com, .org or .net)

In the list of new extensions is .farm.    Yay!

You can also get .land or .equipment or .sexy if you like. Continue Reading

Considering A Theme Update

New Themechoosing a new theme

WordPress’s latest update got me to thinkin. The updates always come with a new theme. The one being offered this time is called a magazine style theme. Most magazine styles just don’t work for bloggers and business site owners.  The main reason? It’s too busy. Many magazine styles cram as much text, pictures, videos, links ect. on the home page as possible. This creates a look that is crowded and messy; overwhelming the reader.

Studies have proven when too many choices are offered none are chosen. Site visitors are looking for information. You have seconds to show them what they are looking for or “poof” they’re gone. Having too much going on on your page will take precious time finding what they are looking for because of all the distractions.

You might be saying, “Hey, farmNwife. Your site is like that.” And you would be correct. That is one of the reasons I’m fixin’ to do a redesign of soon. The home page has way too many images, links, navigation bars …. It pretty much has everything and the kitchen sink above the fold.

Which Theme to Choose

I will be going with a more minimalist theme. Now, some magazine themes can be altered to be more minimalist like this one.

minimal magazine theme

I am leaning toward this “one, one, three” layout that I have been seeing. That is what I am officially calling it.

one one three

It allows for the visuals and plenty of the important information without over doing it. Here are a few examples with this layout:

one one three layout 1

one one three layout 2

I am not saying everyone should have this same layout theme. When you are ready to choose a new theme for your site, think of your readers. The theme should be eye appealing and easy to read. But most of all make it simple for them to find the information they are looking for. Please don’t clutter it up.

Tell Me: Are you thinking of a new site design?

Blogging on Vacation

How to keep up your blog while on vacation?Blogging on Vacation

You are a committed blogger and want to keep up the groove of posting every week. Right? Because we know that our readers come to expect it and search engines favor regularly updated sites.

And now after long hours and days in the field, the family is ready to take a vacation. If you are like my family, the husband considers showing at regional cattle shows or fairs a vacation. This I strongly disagree with; but I digress.

Let’s look at a few ways you can keep your posts coming even while traveling.

1. Schedule your post ahead of time. Write a post (or posts if you’re that kinda blogger) to save for when you will be gone and before you click publish over there to the right select “edit” by “publish immediately”. Then set the date to schedule when you want it to publish.

2. Speed Blogging If you are another kinda blogger, (like me) that wishes there were 5 posts in the hopper but will never see the day, then remember my post about speed blogging when you have very little time.

3. Mobile Posting Use your phone or tablet to post while on the road. Even if it’s just pictures with captions, your readers would be interested in what you are up to. I suggest you set this up before you leave because you will need to know your passwords to connect the app with your blog.  WordPress- IOS or Android — Blogger – IOS or Android You also might want to try a couple of test posts just to become familiar with the process.

4. Guest Posts Ask someone to write a guest post for you. They could send it to you in advance and use the schedule post listed in #1 or give them limited access as an author to your dashboard to post. Many moons ago I guest posted for A Cowboys Wife. For Blogger add authors in Settings – Permissions. And in WordPress dashboard Users – add new – author

I do hope you plan ahead and keep posting while on vacation. It doesn’t really take that much time to add a quick post when you have some down time. Or with a little forethought schedule a post to publish while you’re gone.

Do you have any other ideas for vacationers?

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Free WordPress Webinar

Learn WordPress to Run Your Farm Website

free wordpress webinar

Dustin at is offering a free webinar for anyone who wants to learn the basics of wordpress. I listened to his webinar on using MailChimp and learned how to add my ebook to the email subscription when people sign up. Thank you, Dustin.

Even though I know the basics of wordpress, I’ll still attend this webinar because there is always more to learn.

If you would like to know more about wordpress and how to get around all the dashboard settings, consider attending this webinar on July 12.

In the past, he has emailed a link to the video recording for those who were unable to attend. So don’t let the date deter you. Click the blue bar to register.

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How to Resize Pictures

how to resize pictures

The size of your photos that you upload to your site is critical. If the file size is large this will

  1. Slow the loading time when visitors come to your site. Very few blog readers will wait around for images to load.
  2. Eat up your storage limit if you are using Blogger,, even GoDaddy’s site services (& most free hosting)
  3. Take longer to upload the images to put on your site.

So how do you resize your pictures?

To answer this question you must understand the difference between pixels and bytes. This won’t be complicated. I’ll tell you only what you need to know.

Pixels: the size on the screen in height and width.

Bytes: file size of the image in how much detail/information is saved in the individual file

After you are done editing your photo in your program of choice, then you export or save the photo. This is when you adjust the pixels and bytes of the saved picture. I use picasa for most of my editing. So I’ll use it as an example. The process should be similar to other editing software.

Generally resizing your photo to 800 pixels is enough adjustment. But if the original photo was very large, say 5mb and up, you will need to reduce the image quality (which just means the file size).  To see the file size of the saved picture, right click on it and select “get info” or “properties” or similar. Then make further  adjustments to the size as needed.

resize pictures

Basics of Resized Pictures for Websites:

Save photos that are 800 pixels wide or less. If you are going to use it as a smaller image, save with less pixels. When one number is given for the pixels, it applies to the width. The height is auto adjusted.

Save photos at around 150 kb. This will not affect the appearance of the image on a screen. [It will affect the photo if printed]

Find out about photo storage limits in Blogger and And with this new knowledge of pixels and bytes you should be all set to upload your pictures and not worry about reaching the storage capacity on your site.

Tell Me: Do you have more questions about resizing your pictures?

photo credit: The Farmer’s Life