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Cheer On A Fellow Blogger

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Last month I received this sweet email that really keeps me motivated to stick to this thing I do on the side.

Hi, Judi!  I just wanted to take a minute to let you know your site is so helpful to me!  I have spent a few hours reading it this last week, and I am just thrilled to have all this information in one, easy to navigate site.  As I am about to get my blog up and running, I figure your site has probably taken a good two months and a few grey hairs out of the process. 🙂

I married a beef cattleman about 8 years ago and I feel like I’ve been incubating this whole time – learning an industry, learning to laugh instead of cry – and now I’m about ready to hatch.  I have claimed privacy considerations, blogging research and writing an initial body of content as my delays to starting a blog over the past couple of months.  But, I’m just going to have to get over it, because your site and all the other great ag blogs I have found via your site have encouraged me to stop hiding and get started.

Keep up the great work!

Thank You, E.G. for the kind words.cheer on a blogger

I’m sure you are not alone in your suspended animation of blogging. There are other potential posters who just can’t seem to pull the trigger for one reason or another. Mostly I think it is fear. of rejection, or comparison or even success.

I have found just about everything I was so worried about; never turned out to be half as bad as I made it in my mind.

Hopefully, E.G., you will find a way to get past the fear and fire up that blog. You’ll find there will be lots of people to cheer you on. I bet once you get started; you’ll never understand what took you so long.

Come on in the water is fine!

Anyone else have some words of encouragement for E.G.?

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  • Laurie Link

    Go for it E.G.!  I did last July and am so glad that I did.  For me it is an out lit and a form of creativity and this farm mama needs.  I don’t always have the time for it that I want, but that is okay.  I write when I have the time and take lots of pictures to show the real side of ag.  Best of Luck to you and just go for it!  Country Link

  • Thanks, Laurie. You are right. Just jump in. There are so many benefits and it’s different for everyone.

  • LOL!  Judi, I missed this post in June!  Actually, I was out of town that week and the following one, too, so it just eluded me.  I love it and am so encouraged!  I’m on your site tonight to glean WordPress how-to.  I have my site up but there’s no content.  I can’t figure out how to get my photos to be large enough to suit me inside the posts – it’s the picky wedding photographer in me.  As soon as I work out a bit of my cluelessness, I’ll start posting!   Thank you, thank you for this wonderful post! 
    And thanks, Laurie for chiming in.  I’ll check out your site, too!