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Choosing Your Blog Platform

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Blogger or WordPress

In a poll I had a few weeks ago about starting a blog, some people said they didn’t know where to start. So I am going to talk about the two most popular free Wordpress vs Bloggerblog platforms that are available to get you going. Both are fairly simple to operate. There are forums and help sites to assist with more detailed questions. Pulsed Blogger has a nice graphic giving the breakdown of the specific features for Blogger and

1. First up is Blogger. I started with a blogspot blog, Kids Cattle, back in ’07. To me, Blogger is the simplest to start with. It now has pages and nice templates that it didn’t have when I started. If you are planning to just use your blog as a journal and want something simple to publish your posts to then blogger is a good starting point. It doesn’t have some of the features that wordpress has but it can still provide a nice looking blog for you. Here is a video that shows how to start a Blogger blog.  Blog Help Forum is a place to ask questions.  If you want to know how to do something specific on your blog, just do a search in google or youtube.

2. Next is (not When I started Big Green Combine at after using blogger, I hated it. It took me awhile to get my bearings on its editor. It was just so different to me. But there are quite a few people who choose to go the wordpress route to begin with and find it fairly easy. The Get Started page at will take you through the steps to begin. There are more plugins or widgets in wordpress.  These are addons that creates more customization for your blog. It also has 3 gigabytes of image storage compared to blogger’s 1 gig (more if you use picasa albums). WordPress Forums are always a good place to start asking questions.

The best advice I can give for starting out is to do a search for what you want done.  This is how I learned to do just about everything; especially in the beginning. If you don’t find an answer right away, try changing the wording in your search. If you are a visual learner, search youtube. It is the second biggest search engine after google (google owns it too). Don’t be afraid to try things out. And keep a backup just in case. I never did but read many places that it was a good idea. I still do searches all the time.

I will be giving more beginner blog tips in the future. Subscribe for the updates in the sidebar so you don’t miss them. If you have any questions on starting your blog ask them below. I will try to help out.

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  • Great piece on the simplicity of getting started blogging. I’m sharing it on my ag and social media page. Thanks for writing it! Blogging doesn’t have to be difficult, it simply takes developing a new habit. The more we have in agriculture who blog, the more human we become.

  • Thank you, Michele. That means a lot. I kept it simple so not to overwhelm anyone. The basics are really all one needs to get going. If farmers are willing to learn, blogging is a great platform for information about their farming operations.

  • Sally

    Thanks for such great tips! I just started my WordPress blog and am finding that the learning curve is rather steep. However, I think it’ll be worth the time (and frustration) in the long run when I want to add more topics and features.

    I agree with Michele – those of us in ag really do need to say what we have to say so that the non-ag public (our customers!) can learn.

    • Good to see a new blogger starting up. If you have questions, just ask. I’ll do my best to help.

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