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Compress Videos For Faster Upload

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It is hard to find high speed internet living in the country. Since I take and share video regularly to 4 sites, uploading a large file can make me cringe. On a low bandwidth day, it could take hours. The answer is to compress the files. The program I found that handles file compression without reducing the quality of the video is Handbrake. I still limit my videos to 2 minutes. But by compressing the file to about 40% (no less than 30%), I drastically reduce the amount of upload time. Here is a screencast I made to show you the steps on using the software. Click the four arrows in the bottom right corner to enlarge.


source – video file – click file – ok – video – target size – 40 to 50% – codec mp4 – browse to save file – add to que- encode(or start) – x out

Here is the video I compressed to show there is no reduction in quality

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