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My blog post check list graphic was in sore need of updating.

Free Infographic Templates For Blogging

I had considered using to have someone make the infographic for me. But I haven’t had very good luck getting something usable through them.

I looked around for free infographic sites and found I had all the text ready to go. So I thought it couldn’t be too hard.

It turned out to be extremely easy and totally customizable. They have a ton of graphic images to use. But it would be even more personalized if I had my own graphics or photos. I’ll remember that for next time.

They have short video tutorials to watch if you need some help with changing elements.

With their free version they have a bunch of templates to choose from; some elaborate, some simplistic.

The free template I needed had to have a sequence format, since my info was basically a check list for blog posts.

I’m happy with how it turned out. I would say it took me about 30 to 45 minutes to complete. The next infographic creation will go faster since I’m more familiar with the software.

You should give it a try for yourself. An infographic would make a nice addition to your own site. Mix it up a little.

Plus a good infogrpahic spreads like wildfire on pinterest. If you make one, send me a link. I would love to see it.

Feel free to embed (code below) or pin it where ever you like.

Blog Post Road map

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  • Farmerbright

    It looks very professional and is a reminder on putting my next post up. Can’t wait to try it out, too.

    • Judi Graff

      Let me know what you create, Ryan.

  • farmnwife

    Just noticed a typo. Did you find it?