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Difference between Blog and Website

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Is It A Blog Or Website

Lots of people get hung up on the definition of a blog or website. To me it’s not that big a deal. I use the terms “inter-changingly” most of the time. blog or website

This post starts a series on creating a website for your farm business. So we are going to start with knowing the small differences then you can determine which avenue is best for you and your business.


A blog is basically a journal that is updated regularly (hopefully). Blog platforms have improved to be able to add other pages ie. About or Contact. Search engines give priority to updated blog sites because of the fresh content.


The traditional business website is an online brochure giving details of products or services. Information updates are rare and unscheduled. Thus they are usually not search engine friendly.

Both And

I would recommend ag businesses go with a hybrid of the two options. Because blogs have a stigma attached to them of not being as serious as a website, you should call yours a website that is updated regularly. You would have a page on the site labelled Blog. Besides feeding the search engines, this also gives a reason for visitors/customers to subscribe to receive new information that is posted. Our farm’s website: Graff Land And Livestock is an example of a hybrid website.

Adding a blog also makes you more accessible to your visitors. They can ask questions in the comments. Then you can promptly reply.

You are also more approachable. With every blog post, you reveal a little more about you and your business’s personality. There is no better way to get to know you besides seeing you in person. People want to buy from or work with a businesses they like and trust.

A hybrid site will take more on going effort than a static site but there is no comparison in how many more people you could reach by keeping a blog.

Next I’ll explain why you want to create your own site to begin with instead of paying someone to do it.

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