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Don’t Sabotage Blog Comments

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After my post about No Comments, I thought it would be helpful to give a little direction on how bloggers might be sabotaging their own efforts to get more comments.

Settings That Cause Road Blocks

Bloggers have a love/hate relationship with blog comments. We covet every legitimate comment but try to avoid like the plague any poblog sabotagessible spammer. While taking every measure to block spam, we put up road blocks to friendly visitors who would like to connect with us. Any settings we choose will be a give and take of good and bad. I choose to error on the side of allowing comments.

I adjust my settings to no moderation. If a reader takes the time to write a on my blog, they should be rewarded right away by seeing it posted immediately. They shouldn’t have to wait for me to see, read, and approve it when I get around to it. No moderation is actually less work for the blog owner because they are not approving every single comment. When I check my blog, I can simply delete any spam if it shows up. Settings can always be changed if a blog becomes popular and spam increases.

I hate captcha boxes. These really slow down the commenting process and in turn prevents them. Really rethink if you need this. Don’t add captcha boxes just because everyone else has them.

Now we’ll go through some settings on your dashboard that can welcome readers but still prevent some spam.

Blogspot Bloggers

(dashboard – settings – post and comments)

1. If you have your settings to only google users can comment, you are preventing those who don’t use blogger from commenting.

2. A happy medium of always and never comment moderation is sometimes. Decide the number of days before moderation kicks in.

3. And of course word verification would be a No.

blogger comments Bloggers

(dashboard – settings – discussion)

These four arrows show how you can prevent spam without being to demanding of legitimate commenters.

wordpress comments

Tell me what settings you prefer.

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  • Val

    Thanks for the comments tips!  I’ve always let whoever comment on my blog and like you said, if there is spam that pops up, you just manually delete the comment.  I haven’t had any trouble with doing it this way.

    • Way to go, Val. Much less hassle that way.

  • Thank you for the great tips!  It really helps to have someone blogging about how to work through some issues.  I’m having a hard time because my comments don’t show up at the bottom of my posts, it just says that there are comments on the top of the post and you have to click on that to then open them up.  I think it’s a formatting issue with the type theme I chose to use with WordPress.  Anyway, always very helpful to get tips from more experienced bloggers!!!

    • Hi, NuttyGrass. I was just at your site this morning checking out the salmon catch. The comments are not to show until you are on the post page. If you go to anyone’s home page the comments aren’t listed, just the link is given. So you are OK.