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Don’t Write A Blog Post Without This

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Just put this blog post checklist together this weekend. I love making these kind of graphics. Will have to think up some more in the future.

I had been wanting to make a checklist for myself for awhile. I would think my post was ready to publish. So up it would go. Then when I would go to view the post and admire my most recent creation. Crap! I forgot_____.

Then I figured that others also would like to have a check list for writing blog posts. I don’t always do everything on the list. It’s just what I shoot for.

You can download the file (link below) to keep on your computer or print it out if you like. Tell me what you think of my infographic.

post check list

click here to download this pdf

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  • The ten points looks simple and easy to read but they all are equally crucial. I loved your idea of presentation of this kind. This is looks more interesting that reading paragraphs.

  • Google has raised the bar in article writing. Good editing and proofreading articles is a must if you want to rank well in search engine results.

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