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Eat Sh!t and Die

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No One Wants to Talk About Sh!t


Or If it’s Organic, it’s got to be good. Right?


I have been telling my suburbanite sister for years,  “I don’t buy organic because I know what’s put on it”. This spring someone had tweeted about buyingvegetable organic or not. I replied that I did not because organic food is “over priced, over hyped and over manured”. This prompted a guy to tweet me questions about what I meant by over manured. I proceeded to tell him about use of manure by organic producers for fertilizer and how e.coli is found on vegetables. Then two weeks later I read this headline: “14 dead in Germany as cucumber crisis grows“. The poisoning turned out sadly to kill about 35 people who ate bean sprouts from an organic farm in Germany. Dr. Hurd wrote how the E. Coli outbreak occurred. Consumers just assume that if it is labeled organic it is better for you. Do they really want to know what organic “stuff” could be on their food?

Judged by Their Actions

Then the news about the outbreak just faded away. The silence to me was deafening. Where were all the food police, the nutrition gurus, public awareness groups who are supposed to be outraged over harmful food systems. The ones who perpetually deride factory farming accusing big ag of poisoning the food supply with all these chemicals. Their lack of press releases and absence of wrath is truly telling. Because informing the general public about what goes into growing organic food doesn’t bring in donations to their cause. They choose to keep quiet about how most organic vegetables growers use manure for fertilizer. Pointing the finger at chemical companies and industrial agriculture that uses them fills the coffers. Now there are some villains to make some noise about to rake in the money to prove the need for their existence (thus salaries).

Hypothetical or a Quick Death

So let’s see just how bad these chemical residues dripping from our fruits and vegetables are. A child could consume in one day the following amount of each produce without any effect even if the produce has the highest pesticide residue recorded for each food item by USDA. source

Produce                          Servings per day

apples                                154

pairs                                   851

lettuce                            11,713

potatoes                          6,494

celery                              98,413

That is just a few of the foods listed. You can find out more here. Pretty scary. How many servings do you think those in who died in Europe ate that made them sick. Peter Coclanis, director of Global Research ant UNC at Chapel Hill wrote an excellent article in the Wall Street Journal titled ” Food Is Much Safer Than You Think“. And I would add, been led to believe. It is a quick read and eye opening on this topic.

So I will continue to purchase food from factory farms and big ag. If they choose, the food police can eat sh!t and take a chance.

Has this event made you think twice about the produce you feed your family?

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  • AMEN! We say that all the time around here! People want organic AND regulations on “safe” food production – right now these don’t have anything in common! I have seen farms that are “certified” organic that I wouldn’t let my kids near little lone eat/drink what is produced there, I think if people knew what some of the “organic” farms looked like that they were paying a premium for their product they would cringe!

    • Haven’t heard of any secret videos of them.

  • Had to smile when I read this. Last year on FB, one of my mom’s cousin’s put up a total bash on farmers using horrible chemicals on their fields and how everyone needs to go organic. And, of course, I spoke back. I see first hand how animals and SWORMS of birds flock to an organic field, filled with flowering weeds. People REALLY do need to educate themselves on where there food is coming from. Choose 2 Choose is a great resource!

  • You drove the nail home with this one. The fact I found so interesting about this debacle is how long it took to find the source. Even after numerous employees of this Organic Factory became sick and some hospitalized. Did they try to cover it up or is E coli illness so common with Organics they had trouble locating the source.

    • Thanks Jim. I like “Organic Factory”.

  • Organic food is more expensive and that’s about it. It’s no more or less nutritious than conventional food of the same variety.

    There is an economic tipping point that is in organic’s future which will doom it, that I never hear anyone mention. Basically, organic food started out costing about 75% more and as it became more popular, the prices dropped to about 40-50% more. As more ppl use organic, the price will continue to drop until the price equals that of conventional foods. Normally, this is where a business can finally start to compete and and dominate the market, but we have to remember that organic is a more labor intensive choice to create a premium product. Meaning that farmers really only grow it because it’s more profitable. At the point where it costs more to for the farmer to grow than conventional(meaning that they see less profit), they will stop growing organic and switch back to conventional.

    This is the reason American beverage processors use HFCS primarily and Mexican beverage bottlers use cane sugar… not because of a difference on philosophy, but because HFCS is cheaper than cane sugar in this country due to some trade restrictions we put on Brazilian sugar. Mexico doesn’t have such restrictions, and thus, has cheaper sugar.

    I’m not pro or anti-HFCS, I’m just using that as an analogy to explain what will eventually happen to organic food.

    I should probably post this comment as my own post, since it’s the most writing I’ve done in a couple of weeks…. Visit Edible Intelligence or follow me on Twitter @samvance to learn more…or to call me names.

    • Okay. But I wasn’t commenting on the price of organic food. I was talking about the deception of it being safer.

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  • Mabuhay!

    Both technologies if used excessively will certainly bring unfavorable consequences. But in the end, the decision of whether what to eat or not entirely rests on the consumer.

  • TheDairyMom

    Good post. As a conventional dairy producer, I’m often frustrated that people think organic milk is superior to regular milk, when in reality they are the same. It’s just assumed by so many that organic is better, nobody even questions it. I’m so glad you did!

    • @TheDairyMom Most people don’t want to think things thru. They just want to be told what to do.

  • Actually hopped on your blog looking for info on linking because I don’t get it when this title caught my eye in your ‘most popular posts’.  My husband talks about this all the time.  Great post!

    •  @Countrified Urbanite What problem are you having with linking?

  • bradc44

    wow..i opening article…gives me something to think doubt.