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I am so glad that George Kakasuleff agreed to be the featured farmer this week. Now everyone here can see his “The Family” page on his website. The pictures are wonderful and so is the family farm story.

1. Tell a little about your farm operation.

Our operation is a grain farm in Cicero, IN.  The operation includes my parents, my older brother and myself full-time.  My brother and I’s wives work in town, in the spring and fall we hire some of our friends to help us out when they get off from their real jobs.  We have a very family friendly and fun working environment while working extremely hard.  We farm in Hamilton and Tipton County raising Commercial Corn, Seed Corn and Seed Soybeans.

2. What made you want to start your website? I started our website for many reasons with the main two being, I was worn out with the farmer’s story being told by others and connecting with landowners.  I place many photos and occasionally blog about the current events around the farm.  I felt it was important as many of landlords may not live around the farms they own anymore they could still feel a part of things by keeping up on the internet.  A website is a place people go because they want to and I think that has value if you can create a site that people want to check on occasionally.

3. What has been the biggest surprise since you’ve been active online? or something you didn’t expect: The biggest surprise has been the random phone calls from folks looking for a farmer in the area around Indianapolis to ask questions.  I have had the opportunity to interview for many magazines and websites because of the exposure from our site.  I didn’t really expect that and really surprises me when I get messages from media outlets about my pictures or wanting to include some of my online material in articles.  It is a great feeling to have others that believe I am providing beneficial information.

4. What is your favorite social media platform and why?

My favorite social media platform is Twitter.  I like it because I can bond with other farmers throughout the country.  You no longer have to seek folks out to talk to things over with it can be a support system.  Last week a USDA report made farmer’s throughout the nation panic as it sent the markets crashing, twitter is a great tool to talk with fellow producer’s and market experts to help sift through reactions.  Twitter is also a beneficial tool to drive folks to your other online platforms such as youtube, blog or website.

5. How would you encourage other farmers be online? I would encourage other farmer’s to take it slow at first.  Try things one at time until you get comfortable and then move on to try another.  If you jump head first into all the available platforms that are available I believe you will get burnt out and or frustrated.  I think the first one to get involved in is Twitter, it is the easiest to find folks you find interesting to follow to help you start your own conversations.

Visit George’s blog and encourage him to keep posting. Also follow his tweets @indyfarmer where he tweets his hot day activities. Share this post with my new buttons below.

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