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Farmers Should Be Blogging

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Why Farmers Should BlogTitan Outlet Store

Al Winmill from is my guest intro

I give five reasons farmers should be blogging

Education, Record, Family, Business, Homebase.

Mobile Blogging

I also talk about using Blogger and WordPress apps to keep blogging while in the field or on the road.

Blogger app – Android or Apple

WordPress app – Android or Apple

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  • Farmerbright

    If you are still low-tech or short on room for another app, you can also use text to blogger (with a picture even) and have it set to post or draft. I have mine set to draft so when an idea strikes me I can immediately send it to blogger and then flesh it out later.

  • Farmerbright Very good. the simpler the better to get those posts published. thanks

  • Judi,
    On listening to your podcast and with your help, I have blogged about our farm and village over the last seventy or more years, about father and mother and growing up with three brothers, about milking cows about all the old craftsmen of the village that are now lost. 
    Now having got most of the blogs into book form, a set of my books has been taken into the “William Salt” library in town to added to the archives dating back four of five hundred years. I was told that there is a record of information in my books/blogs that would otherwise be lost.
    So thanks for your help
    Owd Fred