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We’ve been over how having a blog on your farm’s website is crucial to its success at bringing in viewers. But we should also talk (again) about post titles that add that little “somethin-somethin” to entice searchers at google or bing to click through to read your whole article. These post titles are worded in such a way as to compel readers to want to know more.

You can even think of the proven headline as a sort of formula to use over and over while changing the subject to go with the body of your post. Remember you don’t always have to use these types of post titles. Just keep them in mind as possibilities when you need inspiration on writing headlines.

First I will list which titles have worked on this site. Then I’ll give a few more that you can use.

farmNwife’s top 4 titles

  1. List posts: These are quick to read and should get to the helpful info without unnecessary wording.  5 Tips for Flattering Farm Photos & 5 Year-end Blog Post Ideas
  2. How to or Why: Many people are using the search engines to learn how to do something or why it’s done a certain way. Starting your titles with these keywords is a no-brainer. How To Blog Trends & How To Re-Size Pictures
  3. Solve a Problem: Give steps on how to workout a specific issue. Never Run Out of Storage on Blogger & Compress Video for Faster Upload
  4. Free: Yes, one of the posts that is consistently listed in my popular posts widget prominently has the word FREE. Although this might not apply to your site. It is something to consider using when appropriate. Like in this post title! 😀

A few others to keep in your arsenal

  1. The Secret to: People love to get inside knowledge on anything. This could also follow along the lines of how or why.
  2. What everybody ought to know about: Readers don’t want to be the one who doesn’t know.
  3. ….Before and After: Witnessing a transformation is always intriguing.
  4. The Myth of: Clarify something that you see as being misunderstood or misrepresented.
  5. Audience: Specifically name your target audience in the title. People love reading about themselves. This one has to be specific to really make an impact.

Tell Me: What blog post titles have worked the best for you?


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