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You know I love my twitter. Chatting back and forth with other #agnerds and sharing information or funny pictures makes my day. It’s important to make connections with like-minded people. It keeps you informed and on your game. You never know how an acquaintance can help you out or you help them out. A friendship is just around the corner.

Social media in general can be a real boost to your blog. “Speaking” with other bloggers on google+ or facebook can provide unlimited topics and fresh ideas. But there is something even better.

Face to Face

I’ve attended my fair share of conventions and conferences. The sessions were usually instructive with a dud here and there. But what stays with me; what I remember is the people. Although conferences are designed for the masses, one on one conversations should be sought out. These connections are what will last beyond the closing panel discussion.

I am leaving for Executive Women in Agriculture this week. I don’t personally know anyone who will be there. But I am excited to meet other women whose interests involve farming. Being an introvert, I will have to bust out of my shell and be intentionally conversational. It will be sorta scary but well worth the discomfort.

I invite you to seek out the conferences that would interest you. There are loads of them throughout the year, both state and national. Of course there are monetary costs involved. It is money well spent.  It’s all in the mindset. If you think going to a conference is a waste of time, that’s what it will be for you. But if you go into the meeting halls looking to make new fiends, learn new ideas, or improve your business, it will happen.

Close the laptop, shut off the tractor, finish up the chores, ect. and Get Out There!

Tell about your convention/conference experience. Whom did you meet?


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  • juliecache

    If you live in the Midwest, consider the Social Technology Conference in Iowa.

    I met a few dairy wives at i_blog conference, the progenitor of the Social Tech Conference. They have great speakers coming. socialtechconference

    • farmnwife

      Thank you for letting me know about this conf. I will definitely look into it. The only problem with that date is it’s during planting season. But we’ll see. @juliecache socialtechconference

  • LauLau81

    You are right, it is the way how you think of attending seminars. But I believe, attending seminars and conferences can help me enhance my knowledge about certain things and it can help me know more people of the same interests.

    • farmnwife

      You are certainly correct. At this conference, listening to the speakers has me changing my focus on activities that are most important to my farm business.

      Great conference.


  • There is always topics to speak of but freshest and best ones you can find just by chatting with others live.