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Was your farm name already taken?farm name domain

Situation: You are ready to make a website/blog for your farm. You go to godaddy or some other domain registrar to pick up your URL address. But crap. It’s not available. Someone beat you to it.

I’ve got good news for you. There’s a great alternative that just became available this year: New extensions ( extensions are .com, .org or .net)

In the list of new extensions is .farm.    Yay!

You can also get .land or .equipment or .sexy if you like.

This is a perfect alternative to using if it is already taken.

Any domain registrar will do this for you but I use Just because that is who I started with so many years ago.  And I wanted to have all my domain names in one place. I have never had a problem with them. Note: do not use their hosting. Big no-no.

After you’ve selected your address URL, just avoid all the upsales even the privacy. (I have some that are private and some that aren’t. Haven’t noticed any difference.)

Use this promo code for 35% off at :  WOWxx90xs  It worked for me.
Let me know if it has expired. The price for my new extension ended up being $26.17 (with code).

NameCheap is another registrar. It has a good reputation. If I bought my URL here the price would be $25.06.

Remember you can file this under business expense for advertising.

It is unlikely that the name you are wanting is already taken with the new .farm extension. So if think you might want it in the future, you can go ahead and claim it and just sit on it til you are ready. I especially suggest this if your name is fairly common.

When you own your farm’s name with the new extension, come back and tell me what it is. I would love to know.

Tell me: Do you have any other ideas for the new extensions?

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