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Hot Tractor Photo (WW)

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Judi on TractorRare picture of yours truly on a hot day. It was taken after raking the second cutting of hay about a month ago on a 4230.

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  • Judi! I love the pic. You are a rockin’ hay woman on that pic. I’ve done my share of racking hay but I always got a cab with no air conditioning…just windows and hopefully a breeze. You’re brave out there in the heat! Happy WW!

    • Don’t remember why the new tractor with a cab with AC was not available. William had some excuse. But there was a breeze and I had my ipod.

  • Great photo! You go girl! We don’t have hay, but it would rank up there driving truck in the wheat and barley fields… hot, dusty and hoping for a breeze.

    • Yes, it was all that and more. 😮