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Take Advantage of Trending Topicshow to blog trends

With the onslaught of reactions to the Dodge Ram super bowl ad, I believed it would be a good topic to show how farm bloggers can take advantage of trending topics to gain some traffic. Ultimately this can realistically be a door to become an influence to new visitors. There are many news topics that come up through the year that ag bloggers can put their two cents in and show our view point. If it’s a hot topic of discussion even better. We just have to stay aware of the possibilities, then be nimble in getting our post published. Don’t make this harder than it has to be. Remember it’s a trend; so next week or month there will be another new topic.

Discover the Trends

Finding the trends is fairly easy. Twitter offers a list of trends. If you are using a different platform for your tweets, trend lists will be in the search area. Depending on individual needs, it is a good idea to narrow the trend search for your country. This is found in the same search function.

Google+ offers a trend list on your home page. trend search
Google Trends helps you explore buzz terms on their mega search engine.

Social Mention is one to use for, you guessed it, social media in general. Do not select “All” before clicking search on this one. Narrow it down or you’ll be sitting awhile.

If you want to go old school, check out the media networks’ sites. Or really old school– What are your friends talking about? hmmm.

Posting The Trends

Now to get to the nitty-gritty of blogging these current issues. Please, do not just post the video or link to the article and say “Hey, this is cool! Right, On!” Just rehashing what has already been said will work against you.

Put a little thought and imagination in to the post. Good bets are Emotion, Tell a Story, or Give Facts. You’ve got to have a hook, a new angle. Something to make it unique that visitors will want to 1. read the whole post 2. comment 3. share your link.

Examples of farm bloggers posting about the super bowl Dodge truck commercial:

Ryan gives more facts about how farming has changed as it relates to the popular truck ad.
Katie wrote a personal story immediately after watching the commercial. Bonus points for expediency.
On my farm blog I put together a video that explained why I thought the super bowl ad made such an impact on viewers. (emotional)

As we learned in my last post, smart use of keywords is one key to being discovered.

I’ll leave you with two principles:

  1. Keep the post simple — So you can quickly publish.
  2. Make it riveting — So readers will take notice.

Add to the Trend

After the publish box is clicked and you have a bright shiny new post up on your blog, send it on its way. Be sure to have linked to the source of your topic in the post. That way readers will know what you are referring to. The original article site will be notified of the link through track backs or traffic sources. You never know where this may lead.

Post to all your social networks. Do this sporadically in the next couple of days. Just don’t over do. Link to the specific post not just your site. Add hashtags and @ mentions where appropriate.

Comment on other blogs covering the same topic. Contribute to the discussion don’t just leave your own link.

Comment on media sites’ articles talking about the trending term. Leave a link when allowed.

Be a blogging buddy. Share other bloggers’ links regularly.

Trend Next

You should be all set to be an influencer on the current issue. It will get easier with practice. You will find out what resonates with readers and what’s ignored. And be on your toes for the next hot topic.

What about reoccurring topics or trends? I’ll be writing on that.

Tell Me: Did I leave anything out?

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