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How to look really bad on a webcam

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2 Biggest Webcam Faux Pas

I am not talking about not wearing any makeup or having bed head. I am talking about understanding how to use the webcam so you are recognizable. When I saw this video of two guys talking for 20 minutes, I thought I could help some bloggers take better video with their webcams.

bad webcam

So how do you look really bad on a webcam?

1.  Have the light source behind you. As you can see in this picture light placement can make you totally indistinguishable. And that is bad.

2. Hold your laptop in your lap. With the camera low, you get a nice double chin effect and a unique view up your nostrils. Bad and Bad.

Now how do you solve these common mistakes?

1. Put the light source in front of you. Facing a window is optimal. But a couple of lights in front and above you will work also. But don’t place a lamp too close.

2. You will look the best if the webcam is at eye level or just above. With so many different types of webcams, I’ll let you figure out how to maneuver your camera for the best angle.

You can read more about taking better video in my previous post.


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  • farmnwife

    I hope these two guys don’t see this post. But then again, it can only help.

  • Ha ha ha! Sometimes it is much more difficult to grasp the obvious thing(s)!

    Perhaps even the laptop placement can be overlooked but not the light. After all, every guy who has ever snapped a pic in their camera or even a cellphone knows about it!

    • farmnwife

      I don’t know, Shirley. I still see a ton of profile pics just like the two guys above. @shirleybrown

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