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How to Make a Screen Shot

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Making a screen shot is a very handy thing to know how to do for bloggers. I make them all the time. With my mac, I just click shift-command-4 and move the cross hairs hilighting what I want copied. It goes straight to my desktop for easy retrieval. But on PC’s the process is a little more complicated then it should be. Before I switched to a Mac, I had discovered a program that I loved. It’s called WebKut. The program is free. So there are aren’t many directions but it is fairly simple to use.

After you download the program, open it.

1. paste the address of the page you would like to take the screenshot

2. Choose a WebKut Option – All Page: it will copy the whole site’s page, Current view: just what you see on your screen will be copied, or Selection: click on the screen and drag a box around what you want to copy (the box can also be moved)

3. Go further- Click Settings: select the file type (usually jpg), select output directory with the Browse button (usually desktop), click OK. Be patient larger images my take a few seconds and the image thumbnail will appear on your desktop. Ready for you to add to your blog post.

The file name will not mean much if you have to search for it. That is why it is best to send it to your desktop, use it, and file it away later.

For Macs it is super easy. Shift-Command-4. Select the area by dragging the cross hairs. The image will be auto saved to your desktop.

If you would, please help me out. Leave a comment to tell me what other technical basics you would like to know how to do. I would really appreciate it.


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  • I use similar app called Screen Shot Plus, for our blog, The Social Silo, even for using on Macs (I think it makes screenshot a little higher resolution, because we’ve also been able to use the screenshots in our print publication). You can see an example in the recent “OccupyCombine” post.

    • Thanks Susan. Options are always good.

  • Glad to find a program like this for Windows. I used Ubuntu linux for a while which also had this ability built in.

    • The best part of the program lets you select just part of the screen. And you don’t need another program to edit.