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How to Send Blog Posts to Facebook

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RSS GraffitiI have been asked how to automatically send posts to facebook once they are published. RSS Graffiti is what I found that is easy to install and actually works. I have RSS Graffiti installed on my personal facebook for and added it to my husband’s facebook account for his blog. Once you get it set up you just let it do it’s thang.

Steps to install RSS Graffiti

Once your in your facebook account:

left column across from APPS choose “more”
in the search bar type rss graffiti

select that app

click- go to app
select – click here to authorize
select – allow
next to add a new feed here select + Add feed
In the feed URL bar add your blog url with /feed after .com [looks like= ]

click preview to check the feed
click – save

Later you can edit or add more feeds by clicking on the RSS Graffiti icon in your left column. This will work for any blog or site with a feed. So you can add your favorite sites if you want them to be posted to your facebook wall (as long as they have a feed).

Thank you to the reader who asked how to do send blog posts directly to facebook. If you have any trouble with this, just let me know. Also feel free to comment with other blogging questions. It’s what I love to do.

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