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How To Track Your Visitors

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SiteMeterEvery blogger wants to know whom their blog is reaching. If you don’t have any sort of stat counter added to your site then you are simply relying on comments to see who is reading your blog. Let me tell you. A miniscule amount of your visitors are leaving comments. So how do you know who has visited your site. There are a number of widgets/gadgets that can be added to your sidebar that show you the recent visitors. But most of these don’t really give that much information, maybe their location and when they showed up. But that is it. Then you have google analytics on the other side of the statistic spectrum. That program can tell you how many cavities each visitors has. But really google analytics is:

Google Analytics shows you how people found your site, how they explored it, and how you can enhance their visitor experience.

It is a massive program that whole seminars are taught on. But for the general farm or hobby blogger it can be information over kill.

A free program I have used for a long time is SiteMeter.  This link is to their frequently asked questions page. Once you set up your account and add the counter to your blog, Site Meter will start keeping track of hits, referring URL’s, visitor location, time on site, and out clicks.  You can also set up the style of counter to display on your site. I choose to not have Site Meter track my visits to have an accurate visitor count. But that is up to you.

I highly recommend that you start with this stat counter. Then if you want to do some serious digging into your site statistics you can tackle google analytics.  The following is a screen shot of a sample site summary of what you will see. Clicking on the links to the left will give you more detailed info. Take a look and try it out. If you have questions let me know. But just poking around their site should answer most of them.

Sample Page summary

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