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5 Insanely Simple Backlink Locations

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You’re crazy if you’re not using these backlinks.simple backlink locations

Search engines love seeing links to your site. The best links are from relevant and popular websites. But I have noticed that many farm bloggers and ag businesses are leaving back links on the table at very obvious places.  Every site owner should be grabbing this low hanging link fruit every chance they get. Simply because it’s easy and it counts. Furthermore, the links will bring in more traffic.

There’s nothing new to join. You are likely using most of these already.

    • Email Signatures: It’s very easy to put your site’s address in every email you send out. Go to the settings or preferences depending on your email client and add your url. Keep it simple and uncluttered. (no fancy curly cue stuff)


    • Facebook Fan Page: This omission I notice the most. When you write your about info, start with the address for your site. Then it shows up first or at least can be seen and clicked. Many don’t even have a link anywhere to be page link to blog


    • Youtube Videos: I have to correct myself. There were even less links to be found here. Every time you load up a video to youtube the first thing in the description box should be a link (the whole url) to your site. I didn’t find any farm blogger that had this; so I’ll share an example of one of mine. link to bog from youtube


    • Pinterest Board: Create a pin board of the best of the best from your blog. Or a board with a theme of cool pictures originating from your site. Can be anything but a theme gives it to blog from pinterest


  • Social Media: Use the bio areas of social media sites to their full potential. Always include your blog link but be sure to place it where it can be seen. I still see farm bloggers with no links to their sites on their twitter bio. Every time someone clicks on your profile in twitter, why not have the link to your blog available?link to blog from social media

Let me know: What other places would be easy to add some backlinks to our sites?


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