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Is Your Permalink Dragging You Down

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Post Links Should Help Your Blog

I did not intend to make the topic of links a series but it’s funny how things work out. (or is it called snowballing?). In the last post I defined the basic link permalinkstypes. I probably should have written about this posts topic long ago but I didn’t have the information I do now. What I am talking about is permalinks. If you are on a self hosted wordpress blog and your post titles look like ?p=123 in the address bar you are loosing serious search engine favor, priority, and the almighty optimization. That kind of permalink is like a big weight strapped to your ankle while you’re trying to swim upstream. Think about it. Who is searching for ?p=546. And if it does show up on a google search page who will click on it? No one. Because no one will know what the post is about. So, let’s remedy that right now.

This is also important for those who might be moving to a self hosted site sometime in the future, so please listen.

For most blogs this first step is all you need to do. It’s simple and all you do is click.

Dashboard–Settings–Permalinks–select Post Name–Save changes

and you’re set. WordPress will magically redirect all your posts that have links to the old URLs. Yay!

Now for those whose sites don’t magically redirect, you will have to use a plugin.

Dashboard–Plugins–Add New–type in Redirection–follow its directions

I have not used this plugin but from all research I have read that this one works well.

In my next post I will answer the questions about back links and the different ways they are created.

If you are not on a self hosted site, you still need to pay attention to how you title your posts. It is extremely important to how you show up in a search engine and if someone decides to click through to read what you have to say.

Do you agree?

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