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I had a great question asked to me this week. It was about links. What are the differences with all these links? Inbound links, Back links, different types of linksOutbound links, nofollow links, external/internal links ect.

Lets start with the basics.

Link: short for hyperlink which is code that can be embedded into anchor text (or image) that when clicked will take you to another page, site or information.

Internal links lead to pages within your sited.

Outbound links lead to other web sites. Can also be called external links.

Back links or inbound links are links on other sites that point to your site.

No-follow links have extra code that makes the links invisible to search engines but still clickable. Their purpose is to not give search engine “credit” to the targeted site. Commonly found in blog comment sections.

Have any more link questions? Leave them in the comments.

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  • I have read that back links are a great way of building momentum to your site as well on search engines.  How are they created?  I see ads about ‘get hundreds of legal back links’ and always wonder what that means…  Also, I see those link up things as well as blog hops for back links and wonder what good they do…

    • @Countrified Urbanite Quickly, most back links are from other blogs mentioning yours. This is why guest posting is popular.
      The rest of your comment I’ll address in another post because there’s lots of info on that.

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  • I see those link up things as well as blog hops for back links and wonder what good they do. Thanks for sharing.

    • Good question. I will work on a post to answer for you.

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