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Recently I have been posting on topics that are on the technical side. With Brandi from Buzzard’s Beat nominating me for a blog award, I took it for a greatstate fair ribbons opportunity to mix it up a bit. This one is just for fun. And you can learn a little more about the person behind this site.

Now to the Award

Leibster award which is a way to help bloggers interact and increase their networks, readership and just have fun. The point of the Leibster Award is to encourage fellow bloggers and build a larger social community. It is awarded to bloggers by bloggers with a following of fewer than 200 people.

First I tell 11 random facts about me. Then answer Brandi’s 11 questions. And choose 11 more bloggers to pass the award on.

11 Random Facts about farmNwife:

1. Before kids, I ran the pig farrow house and nursery on our farm.
2. I have an Agriculture Production Degree from Illinois State Univ.
3. I love cattle so much more than hogs.
4. I was not raised on a farm.
5. I married the farm at 19 and don’t mind the term farmwife one bit.
6. I can’t stand the sound of corduroy material.
7. But I don’t mind the screeching of nails on a chalkboard.
8. I can flex my pecs.
9. I hate the taste & smell of tuna.
10. I enjoy learning photography.
11. I know the words to Bonanza’s theme song.

Brandi’s 11 Questions:

1. Why did you start blogging? I started to show people how cute my kids were showing cattle. I had lots of traffic from homeschool forums that I used to frequent.
2. What do you want to be remembered for at the end of your life? That I preserved my generation’s story of our farm’s heritage for future generations.
3. What is the geekiest thing you have ever done? Created this website.cow calf champion
4. Who is your role model/idol? for farming it would be my mother-in-law, blogging for business – Marcus Sheridan
5. Do you have any pet peeves? If so, do you  mind sharing one? incessant complainers
6. Have you ever been rendered speechless? Do tell! each time the kids won Grand Champion Cow/calf at the state fair
7. Do you prefer the blue Tweetdeck or the yellow Tweetdeck? neither, I use hootsuite & tweetbot
8. Dream vacation spot? I really like going to Lake Superior in Upper Michigan.
9. What is your good luck charm? prayer
10. What is your favorite Christmas song? whichever one Dean Martin sings
11. Do you have a celebrity doppelganger? (had to look that one up) I’m a dead ringer for Marylin Monroe, except for the hair, mouth, boobs. Other than that we could be twins.

My blog picks.

The Udder Side because it’s about secret agent cows and Ryan is funny.

Dave Rahe because he is a very dedicated blogger.

Owd Fred This guy can write. Love his old stories about farming in the UK.

The Sales Lion I read this blog because he writes about blogging for real businesses.

Blogging Your Passion I took Bob and Jonathan’s course when I started this site.

Photo Focus good blog on photography

Mom at the Meat Counter She uses her meat knowledge powers for good.

Agriculture Proud Ryan is a powerhouse agvocate.

The Farmer’s Life Brian is the Pat Flynn of farming. He is everywhere online.

Aus Cover Crop Talk about niched down. This guy blogs about cover crops in Australia.

Ag Debra brand new blogger I just discovered. I hope she keeps it going.

There you have it. I will not leave a list of questions for them to answer. If they wish to continue the award, the bloggers can use Brandi’s questions. They were pretty good.

I hope you enjoyed this diversion from regular website tips and how to’s.  Thanks Brandi for the award. If you have any questions for me, fire away.

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