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When I first came across Dave’s blog, The Back 40, he had two posts published. It has been interesting to read about his take on large animal vets and cattle rustling. Here is what he has to say about his blog.

Dave on his horse

I grew up on a ranch in the high, arid mountains of Eastern Oregon raising purebred Texas Longhorns with my family. I can’t imagine a better way to grow up, but like many others, we were forced to sell out.  I couldn’t afford college at the time, so I enlisted in the US Navy and spent the next 9 1/2 years serving our country.  Along the way I kept my contacts in the agricultural community, worked stock, broke horses, and continued riding bulls until I was forced to retire due to an injury conflicting with my military service.  I separated from active duty in June of 2010 and after hitting the job search, and crossing the country several times, decided to follow my roots and head back to college for Beef Cattle Production and Management.  Even in the college routine, I still keep rancher’s hours, up before the sun with a cup of coffee checking the farm report.  Some ways never change- or shouldn’t since that lifestyle is what has gotten me where I am today and hope to be in the near future.


Currently I do not have my own operation, but in the near future I hope to have my own cow/calf operation as well as owning/managing a herd management and nutrition mobile business.  As I make my way through my education at Washington State University, I have begun blogging and being more active as an agvocate.  I started Feedlot Fundamentals (Animal Science 274) this week, and it was very interesting to me how much being involved like I have been helped me already be in tune with many current event, market, and operation topics the instructor was covering.


My blog ( is an outlet for my outlook on the beef cattle industry and way of life.  As a rancher, agricultural enthusiast, and student, I hope my views and updates on current events and life perspectives may be useful to others.  I plan on continuing the blog as I progress towards my goals hoping that it will serve to encourage others who are in or aspire to be in the Beef industry.  Ultimately I can see using tools such as blogging and Twitter to help build my business and cattle operation.  I thank everyone who views my blog or Twitter updates and hope that they can glean something useful, or at times, entertaining from them.  Of course, starting a project like that when taking 6 classes and working 20+ hours a week is a constant juggling act, but one I feel is well worth the effort.  That has been the primary obstacle to overcome, but simply learning how to use the blog and twitter has been a valuable, although trying at times, learning experience.


Keeping the “social” balance as a new blogger has been an experience as well.  It can be tempting to stray from the purpose I set for myself and become entangled in the everyday ramblings many electronic media users find themselves involved with.  I have found that making time and keeping the blog updated comes from a love for what I am doing and writing about.  If I wasn’t truly interested in what I was doing there, I doubt the whole thing would still be coming along.  I am currently working on new articles and some links, I would like to have a “co-op” page of local, useful links and resources for ranchers and other folks in the beef industry to have at their fingertips. I believe that things like that, used for the right purposes and localized to one geographic area are in short supply in my area.


Also, I would like to thank you for the chance to be a Featured Farmer on this blog, to me it means I am doing something right, and that is encouragement enough to continue doing what I have and strive to make it even better.


Dave, you are “doing it right”. Keep up the good work, even through your busy class and work schedule. Go over to his blog, The Back 40, and leave Dave a comment. You can also follow him on twitter – @NWstockman  And let me say Thank You for your service to our country.

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  • Jim Steinfeld

    very cool to see that even when you leave the cattle they do not leave you. i hope the featured blogger can keep it up.

  • I agree, Jim. And I think Dave will keep up his blogging. As you can see by his post here, Dave’s got a lot to say.