Negative Blog Comments

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Blog Comments Continued

Since we’ve been on the subject of blog comments, we might as well have another. First we talked about No Comments and how not to let it get you down. Then we discussed how bloggers are preventing more blog comments.

This week I received a timely question via twitter concerning negative comments from @UnchartedRhoade The following is the conversation. (I just love twitter. Don’t you?)

twitter conversation about negative comments

Some say, when you start getting negative comments you have arrived. So embrace them. But there are no hard rules about how to handle negative comments. Basically it is your blog. You can do as you please.

Every blogger is going to deal with the situation differently.

You could see it as away to educate readers by responding and correcting any misconceptions.

You could just let it go without responding because most likely it makes the commenter look bad. When someone is making a fool of themselves, just step out of the way.

how to handle negative blog comments

Many times loyal readers will respond and defend you. So you could give them that chance.

How would I handle mean comments?

Depends on the comment. If it is fairly mild or has the potential to educate, I would let is stand and/or comment. But if it is completely offensive and they have no intentions of hearing my opinion, I would likely delete.

And I have no tolerance for anonymous negative comments. If they don’t have the backbone or whits to leave even a fake name, they’re outta here.

I would really like to hear how you have handle these types of reader comments. Please tell us below.