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Jamie Rhoades & Laurie Link were generous enough to organize a Christmas gift exchange for any ag bloopportunity to connectgger who wished to participate. I was fortunate enough to receive gifts from Julie from Between the Sunsets of Life. From Kansas she sent honey, jelly, barbque sauce, and a nice photo book.

The unfortunate ag blogger who was to get my gift was the one of the group whose present was/is lost in the mail. Luckily I kept the email that had the link to the gift card and forwarded it on.

I encourage every blogger to make connections like this when ever they appear. Building friendships is what life is all about. It can make the lonely business of blogging much more enjoyable. These new friendships usually lead to being introduced to other online friends. Of which you can never have enough.

Thanks, Jamie and Laurie for the work you put into the exchange.

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  • Laurie Link

    Thank you Judi for participating.  It  was wonderful getting to make new connections.  And you are right, you can never have enough online friends.

  • myaglife

    Hi Judi! It is my fault that your gift got lost. I should have told someone I was going to be on vacation for a little while (I needed to ditch the Missouri cold for a bit). Thanks for forwarding on that email though! Looks like you received some tasty gifts. I hope this New Year has started out great for you!

  • myaglifeThat’s strange though. Why couldn’t your post office just hold it for you?
    Happy New Year.

  • myaglife

    farmnwife myaglife I never told the post office I was going to be gone haha. I wasn’t thinking very clearly. Still, thank you so much for the gift card! I’m very excited. Now I just have to try and narrow down my wish list on that site haha.

  • Thanks so much for participating, and Laurie and I are so sorry the package got lost! Lessons learned for next year – we will be sure to ask people if they will be around to receive the gift and maybe ask for signatures when the packages are delivered. Thank goodness yours could partially be saved! If you have a second jump over to my blog and link your post up so we make sure everyone sees it! Thanks!

  • I agree you can never have enough online friends! 🙂