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Michael’s Precision-Nerd blog is all about precision ag technology. He has even answered a few questions for me about my monitor through twitter. This is what he has to say about his blog:


1. Tell a little about you and your farming background.Cline Farms
I come from a 2nd Generation farm, with me being the beginning of the 3rd Generation.  I am the oldest of 4 in my family.  My Dad and Uncle farm 5,800 acres of corn together as well as own and operate 3 grain elevators in our area.  I graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Agriculture Economics in 2006 and went back to the farm right after graduation.  I worked on the farm after college for a year before I got a job offer to work at our local CaseIH dealer part-time in their Precision Farming department and still able to farm on the side.  After about 6 months I decided I liked the challenge of the Precision Farming job and decided I would go full time at the dealership and help the farm on the side.  After a year at the Case IH dealer I got a job offer from the John Deere dealer in the area to join their AMS department.  I had always like green paint a little bit better than the red so I was excited to switch teams and work there.  I have always enjoyed working with technology and playing with every new piece of technology that came out, so that made working these two jobs a lot of fun.

2. What made you want to start your blog?

Phone Calls.  My phone will ring so much during the spring and fall that sometimes I would like to *accidentally* drop in a combine or in front of a planter just for some quiet.  For probably 90% of the calls I get they are very simple setup issues or some part of the technology that they didn’t know existed in their equipment to make their life a little easier.  I began to realize that this is some of my own fault for not explaining every aspect of their equipment to them but also knew that it just wasn’t feasible to spend that much time with them on it and have them retain all of that information. I noticed that a lot of guys were looking for answers on places like New Ag Talk and I thought if I had a website dedicated to tutorials and information on their technology that it might help guys learn more and be better prepared for the season.
I also saw a need for a place where people can find definitive answers on new equipment coming out.  Nothing is worse than hearing about a new technology and then not being able to learn enough about it to make a clear cut decision on the benefits for their operations.  I know when I hear about a new technology coming out I am excited to find it out in a field somewhere or go and get training on it so I can be ahead of the customers asking about it and I wanted to be able to share that information as I found it out as well.

3. What has been the biggest surprise since you started? or something you didn’t expect:

The amount of email for opinions and questions that I get.  It is cool to get emails through out the day that ask my opinion on something that I might not have ever done with the technology before and try to think through it with the person and come up with an answer for them.  It helps grow my knowledge on the technology each time because it forces me to think deeper on why it works that way and how to manipulate it.  I also get to learn about different farming practices in different areas.

4. What obstacles have you met and how did you/or plan to overcome them?
Putting my thoughts into writing.  I have never been a fan of writing.  Even my answers to questions on forums are short and to the point with not a lot of explanation behind them.  With this blog I know I need to go deeper into discussion and explain things down to the smallest detail so that I don’t leave any level of knowledge out.  I want it to be a place where veterans can still learn a new tip every once in a while and novices can learn what they need to make this equipment more profitable for them.  That is what this equipment is about, improving your bottom line.


5. What are your future plans for your blog?
Right now my blog is mainly geared towards John Deere products since that is what I work with day in and day out.  My future plan is to bring other people onboard from all the different brands so that they can get the same type of information out to the public.  I don’t want this to be a single color blog because a lot of people don’t have just one type of precision ag technology.

It is wonderful that Michael has a heart for teaching and helping farmers with their precision technology. He chose an excellent direction for his blog where he can  reach those beyond his immediate geography. Take a second look at his header at Precision-Nerd. You’ll see why he chose that picture. Add him to your twitter list @ precisionnerd
Do you have other questions you would like the featured farmers to answer about their blogs? Please, leave it in the comments.

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