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Put Your Blog on a Diet

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Trim Some Fat From Your Bloated Blog

put your blog on a dietWe are half way through the year. How ya doin on this year’s resolutions?… Ya? Me too. Luckily it won’t be so hard to whip your blog into shape. Just a couple of nips and tucks and your site will be the envy of Twiggy (that’s a really skinny model from the 70’s. So I’m told.) Let’s start trimming from the top. This is where we’ll see the biggest transformation that will motivate you to keep going on the slim down.

Why should you go through the trouble of cleaning up your blog? 1. Makes it more reader friendly 2. Visitors stay longer without the distractions 3. A sleek look means your blog is relevant, not stuck in the past. 4. Without the excess weight, your blog will load faster.


Whittle that header ’til it is no more that the top third of the page. A blog’s header helps with the overall appeal, but no one returns to take another look at it. The most important part of your blog is its content. An over sized header shouldn’t over power the content to where it has to be scrolled for.


Background images or graphics should be understated and compliment not distract from the site.


Where the junk food goes right to the hips or a beer gut for the men. This is where bloggers really put on the unneeded pounds. Every widget/gadget that you add in the sidebar diminishes the value the rest of the items listed. A cluttered sidebar just looks messy like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Be brutal with the delete button. Nix the blog roll (It’s so 2008.). A tag cloud just takes up space. Basically put the important things up top: subscribe, about profile, social media buttons. That is all you need if you want to go “cold turkey”. Most of you won’t want to go that far. But just remember, less is definitely more in the sidebar.


Are your posts in big blocks of text? Give them some definition and style by using shorter paragraphs, headers, and scattered bold type. This makes a post much easier to read.


Fat images can really drag your blog down with slow load times. By fat, I mean file size. Keep most photos at a trim 100k and you’ll be floating like a butterfly.

So could your blog win in a Biggest Loser contest? There are big advantages to having a trim and tidy blog. Tell me how you need to whip your site into shape.

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  • Farmerbright

    Inspiring as always! I’m starting my diet now.

    •  @Farmerbright I have full confidence you will reach your goals. 🙂