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I remember when I first conversed with Aaron. Earlier this fall I tweeted from the combine about a problem with my GreenStar monitor. Aaron answered back and eventually solved the problem along with a few others. Considering a blog of his own, he takes us through how the process is going for him.


1. My initial connection with agriculture was growing up on my family’s grain farm. My dad and uncle run a moderately sized farm in NorthernAaron Bobeck Indiana specializing in seed corn, corn, and soybeans. I’ve always had an interest in agriculture since growing up on the farm. When technology began to come more integrated into agriculture my connection got even stronger. After high school I went to Purdue University and graduated in May of 2010 with two bachelor’s degrees. One in Agricultural Systems Management in The Ag and Biological Engineering department and one in Agricultural Economics in the Ag Econ department. Now post-college, I’m employed with a local John Deere dealership selling Ag equipment along with selling and supporting John Deere’s Ag Management Solution products.

2. I would like to start a blog to help others with technology within the agriculture industry. I think when many parties within an industry have a public conversation they can learn a lot from one another. I expect to learn as much from my readers as they learn from me. College can make a person enjoy writing a little more too!

3. The next step for me to get started on my blog is simply doing it. I’ve done a lot of research, and I believe I’m finally ready to start once harvest begins wrapping up.

4. Some of the challenges have been making time to start a blog and finding where to start one. I know WordPress is a very popular platform, but I have yet to make up my mind on where to host the blog. I see some blogs hosted on, while others host their own websites with their blog setup there. I’ve been leaning towards a web host that offers and easy WordPress install since I’d like to do a few other online projects and I’m really into customization as well.

5. I use several social networks and they all serve different purposes for me. Facebook keeps me in touch with friends, Twitter lets me keep up on the Ag industry, and I use LinkedIN for professional connections I’ve made. I’m also a frequent reader of technology blogs such as Gizmodo, Engadget, Lifehacker, AddictiveTips, Droid-Life, and SlickDeals. They keep me up to date on the very latest technological advances and good deals on the latest stuff. I will also mention I’m an occasional reader of New Ag Talk forums and a few of the other online discussion boards related to agriculture, but not a poster. As far as Google+ goes, I’ve hit the “+1” button a few times, but that’s about it. Google+ just doesn’t seem to be popular among the masses or as easy to use as other social media outlets.

We look forward to reading your blog, Aaron, when you get it up and going.  And I’ll have you back as Featured Farmer. ‘Til then he can be reached through twitter @AaronBobeck

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  • Charlotte74

    We’re looking to move out to the country and be as self sufficient as possible. We don’t have much experience though, so we’ll be learning on the job.

  • AaronBobeck

    Thanks for the article Judi!