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Recurring Topics Can Put You on the Map

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recurring topicsLast time I talked about trending topics. These current issues come and go. A blogger has to stay on top of the news to take advantage of trends. Then farm bloggers have to be creative in making the issue work for their site. The traffic gained can be substantial but is definitely fleeting. A way to obtain regular visitors is to become known for a recurring topic. This may take awhile to become established; but once accomplished readership can just snowball.

Recurring Topics Examples

One that has been around for a long time is Wordless Wednesday. When I frequented homeschool forums, Wordless Wednesday brought a ton of traffic because people wanted to see pictures from our farm at Kids’ Cattle Blog.

The best thing you can do is turn a well known topic around and make it unique that your site becomes known for. Melissa at JMJLaurent has masterfully built a following with Wordless Wednesday but with a twist. She shows fabulous pictures of her Brahman cattle and calls it “Happy Hump Day”.

Happy Hump DayIt really has helped increase the traffic on all my social media outlets. People love the cute humpy calf pics and tend to share them. In fact if I don’t have the Hump Day pic up by noon I start to hear about it from loyal followers. It has also got my blog some print coverage in a couple of national magazines. I often meet people and they exclaim, “Oh I know you, you are the HaPPy HumP Day Lady!” LOL!  We are even having a HumP Day photo banner made for our cattle display on hump day at the upcoming International Brahman Show-we have lots of international fans that we hope may eventually turn into international buyers. 🙂

Remember it has to be unique for it to make an impact and inspire readers to bookmark your site, subscribe to your updates or follow you. The regular posting on the topic is also key. People will come to expect your posts. So keep them coming back. Consider it like your favorite articles in farm magazines. I like the “Handy Devices” articles in Progressive Farmer and look for it in every issue.

Think what interests you that others also have interests in and that you can post repeatedly about. Once a week is optimal. Point visitors to where they can subscribe to your updates in each post.

Crystal at Crystal Cattle has created a nice following on the topic she dubbed “Turquoise Thursday”. In amongst her farm updates, every Thursday she includes pictures of anything turquoise that she has found on the web that “catches her eye”. Her readers like to see what she comes up with every week.

Turquoise ThursdayMy Turquoise Thursdays posts have exposed me to a broader audience beyond the agriculture community. I think it’s helped me start a lot of relationships with fashion/relationship bloggers. Also, because turquoise is used consistently on my blog it has generated more search traffic.
Finally, my Turquoise Pinterest board has directed a lot of traffic back to my blog.
The more you post on your chosen topic and use smart keywords, the higher you will rank with every post.


Find Your Spot on the Map

Give it a try. Give it some time. You can always test another topic if one doesn’t catch on.

I know some farm bloggers do a weekly roundup of pictures. Other ideas might be seasons, holidays, national days. Spotlight new products in the industry. A weekly themed short video would be a good bet. Put your own twist on a popular theme. The ideas are endless. but remember…

  1. Make it unique.
  2. Post regularly.

Make the most of the posts?

You can create a category for them on your sidebar. But to give the topic better prominence on your site is to make a page for it and include it on your navigation bar. Title the page with the keywords making it obvious what the page is about. Then add all your posts covering the topic here. Problogger calls these pages “sneeze pages”.  I prefer the term “themed page”; but I’m not the problogger, am I.

If you deem your posts worthy enough turn them into an ebook. users: Anthologize  Blogger & users: Blog2Book

Tell Me: Do you have a topic that you regularly post about? Link to it below.

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  • NEcowlady52

    Trying to find the motivation to start my own blog. I’m a farm/ranch wife in Nebraska and have not made time to create a blog. Any suggestions (sites, topics, etc)? This is a great post!

    • Yes you should start you own blog. Because it is a very noble/beneficial practice to record the events on your ranch. I see it as a written heritage that future generations will appreciate. and this page will help you from there.
      Take it slow. give yourself time to learn. Don’t worry about a header right now. just get your first 5 posts published. That’s what is important.
      Come back and ask questions and look at my previous posts.
      Blog on.