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Thanks for the guest intro, Janice at JanicePerson.comJPLovesCotton

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We are talking SEO basics in this podcast. Keep it simple and don’t worry about it too much.

1. Post frequently at least once a week. 2. Use keyword phrases 3. Title first 65 characters important 4. Meta Description first 150 characters in your post

5.Headings 6. Links 7. Site Speed 8. Rename Images


Links Mentioned:

Pingdom check your site’s speed keyword alternatives

Wordtracker free keyword tool

Simple backlink locations

People I mention:

Owd Fred blog posts to book

Kevin at

Iain at Marketing Your Farm

What do you want my next podcast to cover 1. site titles and taglines or 2 blog post ideas? Let me know in the comments.

Grandpa story at the end.


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  • Judi ,

    Thanks for the kind comments within your podcast and the plug for my book. The problem I have now is my memory, on every day things.

    The looking back memory is only brought back to mind in small chunks as I have said before, it only takes sommat ta jog ya mind and I get it writ down reet quick. but if its in the middle of the night, by morning its gone and conna bring it back to mind. I’m told its all a part of getting old.  (or is it Owd)

    I have written a good poem along those lines, ya couldna believe how true it really is.

    Me Mind is Like an
    Old Computer

    Me mind is like an
    old computer, memory getting full,
    Takes a while to
    liven up, and the thinking’s getting dull,
    Information’s going
    in, it’s difficult to recall,
    Need a transplant
    right away, but it’s difficult to install.

     Co-ordination’s not
    too bad, site and hearing too,
    Legs are getting
    tired and old, and had two knees anew,
    Arms they are just as
    long, but me back is getting bent,
    Me waist is getting
    further round, of that I do lament.

     So write it down
    while its fresh, just now I won’t recall,
    Memory’s a funny
    thing, as through my mind I trawl,
    Of things that
    happened years ago, eventually come back,
    Think about the olden
    days, before they call the quack.—- (doctor)

    Owd Fred

    It would be interesting to know the name of the dog barking on the podcast Judi  (20 minutes in) a picture would be nice.
    Owd Fred