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SEO Update Here

Every industry has its acronyms. Agriculture has more than its fair share. But for your farm blog the acronym you want to know is SEO (search enginefarm SEO optimization). You want to draw people to your site, right? Really, why else would you put the work into a blog if you didn’t want someone to read it. So how do websurfers find your awesome blog about your amazing farm life? They usually do a search in google for what they are looking for. So for your site to show up or rank high on google’s pages you need to use SEO. That is, you should tweak your posts or make them more user-friendly for google to recognize you got what searchers want.

SEO Basics for Bloggers and Beginners is a post I read by Jeff Goins that is superb in laying out simply how to write blog posts that will direct viewers to your blog. There are just ten items he lists. But you don’t have to do all of them. Try a couple at first. Then add more in future posts.

To get started though, be more thoughtful in your post titles. Think about what words/terms people are searching for. Make your titles more general and your content more specific. For example: My post Make Hay While the Sun Shines is getting traffic from google searches for that phrase.

Click over to SEO Basics for Bloggers to help you get more traffic to your excellent farm blog.

Which post titles do you think are your best and link to them?